REVIEW: Annie's Way Arbutin+Hyaluronic Acid Brighting Jelly Mask 熊果素+玻尿酸淨白果凍面膜

Annie's Way Arbutin+Hyaluronic Acid Brighting Jelly Mask 熊果素+玻尿酸淨白果凍面膜

What is this Product? (What it claims)
The Annie's way Arbutin + Hyaluronic Acid Brightening Mask has the following benefits:
  • Whitening
  • Moisturizing
  • Minimizes fine lines
  • Lightening dark spots and acne scars
Thus, leaving our skin radiantly bright and soft.

Directions of Use
  1. Firstly, wash all the oil and dirt off with a facial cleanser.
  2. Using the spatula (it comes with one usually), scoop out a generous amount of the jelly mask from the container
  3. Apply evenly on your face of an approximately thickness of 0.3-0.5cm.
  4. Wait for 30 mins for the mask to dry off.
  5. Using the spatula, gently scrape off the jelly mask.*It will be more effective if you scrape it off forcibly as doing so might also help you to remove some of your stubborn blackheads.
  6. Rinse your face with water. Repeat until all of the jelly mask is removed.

I use the Annie's Way Arbutin +Hyaluronic Acid Brightening Jelly Mask once or twice a week. 

Annie's Way Arbutin+Hyaluronic Acid Brighting Jelly Mask 熊果素+玻尿酸淨白果凍面膜

Main Ingredients

I purchased it Paris Strawberry (Taiwan Beauty Shop) for NT 350, approximately $14 CAD
The jar comes in 250ml jar like the one in this post and also in packs which is great if you want to try the product out before committing to a jar size or for travel.

Annie's Way is a Taiwanese brand I learned from watching the Taiwanese beauty show: 女人我最大 My Queen. It's very popular in all the south eastern countries (HK, Taiwan, China, Korea etc).  Many popular bloggers are in love with this particular jelly mask, such as BubzBeauty, so I immediately wanted to try it too!

Starting with the jar, it comes with a quality seal. If it is opened prior to purchase, you can easily recognize it because it would say "void".  Other than that, the size is plentiful so I feel like this can last me a good while. Some stores, sell the product with a spatula, in my case, I had my own.

I feel clean even putting the mask on, probably because it's transparent so I don't feel messy compared to the mud masks. Use a generous amount because after 15 -20 minutes or so, the mask will begin drying off and makes it very difficult to wash off. The smell is not strong at all, just a fresh clean scent. Upon removing the product first with the spatula from my face, I noticed some deerskin was removed along with minor sebum. Feels as if all the dirty content is also washed off my face. It is supposed to whiten my skin however, I have not seen any whitening so far. In terms of moisturizing, I feel that it is only sufficient for the summer time, not moisturizing enough for me. Finally, use water and a silicon scrub to wash off would make it a lot easier. When the gel dries off on your face, it was almost a mission to remove the mask.

Overall: ♥♥♥
Product: 3/5 ♥
Packaging: 5/5 ♥
Price: 4/5 ♥