[LONDON ENGLAND] Greenwich Park - Cherry Blossom Season

Last week, I travelled to London for work with a brunch of friends. This rarely happens so I wanted to do something different so we have something to look back on as a group. I planned the itinerary and thankfully my friends are super easy going so we did something other than Oxford street for once! Apparently the first 2 weeks of April is the prime time for Cherry Blossoms in many parts of Europe.

Prime Meridian Line - the GMT Line

Old Royal Naval College from the hilltop. Amazing panoramic view.

Travel Tips:
1) Transportation:
Take the uBer/Gett if you are travelling in a group. An uBer ride can fit up to 5 or 6 people. Our uBer ride from Regent Park area to Greenwich cost about 60 Euros. (I paid 11 euros for my share)

Public Transit - Tube ride from Center London to Greenwich is about 45 minutes and everything is within walking distance

2) Meridian Line at Greenwich
To see the prime meridian, it is based at the Royal Observatory, you actually don't need to pay for entrance to find the line for a photo op. Simply go to the side of the Royal Observatory where you can observe Old Royal Naval College from the hilltop. You can't miss it!

3) Cherry Blossom Season
It's often hard to predict when the actual blooming dates are. It was Mid-May in 2016, and then it was   Mid April in 2017 the time I went with my friends. It was actually instagram that got me the accurate time of its blooming period. People kept posting in real time and so I knew it was the best time to go.

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