[LONDON, ENGLAND] Yalla Yalla - Beirut Lebanese Street Food Joint

Last weekend, I had a work trip to London and our schedule allowed me to meet up with my friend/colleague - Ollie - for dinner. He knows the ins and outs of Oxford Circus, meanwhile I still get lost between the two Primark stores! I absolutely adore Middle Eastern/Mediterranean/Indian food so he introduced me to Yalla Yalla. This particular location happens to be right off of Oxford Street, about a 4 minute walk from Oxford Circus Station. 

Yalla Yalla - Food Menu and Drinks Menu 

Yalla Yalla - Food Menu 

Yalla Yalla's menu has a very good variety of vegetation, seafood and meet to choose from. Average market prices for locals. I noticed they had a good selection of lamb dishes (my fave). I have minor decision making disorder, I take forever to choose what I want off menus. Thankfully, Ollie narrowed everything down and gave me suggestions, otherwise we would never have food on our table. Wakkakaka :)

Yalla Yalla - Interior 

Yalla Yalla - Interior 

In comparison to Tayyabs, Yalla Yalla is brightly lit. I was falling asleep when I was a Tayaabs while I was fighting off jetlagg. However, at Yalla Yalla, I was able to carry a conversation staying awake AHAHAH. Lighting makes a difference for me :) 

Within 10 minutes, our food began to arrive :) 
We ordered 3 appetizer dishes and 1 main. For 2 people, it's more than enough! 

Chickpea a purée topped with marinated slices of Lamb of Chicken

Side #2 (Left) SOUJOC £5.50
Homemade spicy Lebanese sausages pan fried with tomato, parsley & lemon juice. 

Side #2 (Right) FALAFEL £4.50
Chickpea and broad bean patties with salad and a tahini and garlic yoghurt sauce.

Main #1 MIXED GRILL £13.50
Charcoal grilled mix of chicken skewer, lamb and kafta.

The food came very quickly and it was the perfect portions for two. I wished I had the stomach to try the drinks menu but I stuck to water just because I knew Ollie and I will be yakking away. I noticed outside, people were able to enjoy hookah so I wondered whether you can have that service as well.

Speaking of service, I didn't think it was the most efficient, we had to ask for water and to wrap up the food a few times and follow up when the night wasn't busy either. 

Overall, I think it's a good place to go to for authentic Lebanese food, a Beirut street food restaurant. The location is super close to Oxford Circus which is convenient when you're done shopping haha.

Restaurant Information:
12 Winsley Street London W1W 8HQ 
T: 020 7637 4748 
E: winsley@yalla-yalla.co.uk 
MONDAY TO FRIDAY 10am – 11.30pm 
SATURDAY 11am – 11pm 

1 Green’s Court London W1F 0HA 
T: 020 7287 7663 
E: info@yalla-yalla.co.uk 
SUNDAY 10am – 10pm