REVIEW: Beauteen Hair Dye in Ash Gray

Hi Sparklies! It's time for a touch up from my last gray hair dye session. I managed to get my hands on this Japanese brand Beauteen hair dye during my Japan work trip, I've never heard of the brand before and I'm overall pretty impressed. At only about $6 CAD, it's very affordable! 

My hair is no near pretty by now... the gray has faded entirely and my black roots showed up. I'm not very good with the whole "I'm so laid back, my roots show and I still look great" look. 

I started off with bleaching my roots using the same product as last time -  Revlon Frost&Glow Hightlighter Kit in Honey. As a result, some strands actually appeared white, and in general, more of the previous yellow tones has been stripped off. 

Here are the contents of the Beauteen Hair Dye in Ash Gray and the colour outcome table beside it. Note that the lighter the blonde, the more gray tones it carries. If I bleached my hair one more time, I think that my final results will be more beautiful. However, I don't want to further damage my scalp or hay-like hair.

Here is the colour turn out on models on Beauteen's official website

 ❤  ❤ My Results ❣ ❣ ❣  ❤  ❤ 

Daytime Indoors lighting: This is the truest colour payout captured on camera.

Night Time Indoors lighting: This is the colour payout that I wished all my selfies showed up. It only shows up when I'm positioned under the light source.

Daytime Outdoor Light: This is the colour payout my friends sees all the time. Maybe because I still had a lot of yellow tones in my hair prior to dying, it looks like a very ashed out brown.

Outdoor Daytime with Various Filters: This is the silver/gray/white that I wished I had haha.

Overall, I'm very impressed with my hair colour payout. I loveeee the gray, it's super trendy! Compared to my last hair dye experience, I find that the Beauteen Ash Gray provides a darker gray which is more blue hues. This is more suitable for Asian hair type because we tend to have more yellow tones.  I have yet to try western brands, if you know any, please let me know.

The thing about Gray hair is that, it's super high maintenance. The gray washes off with every hair wash, so it completely comes off by the 4 -5th time I walk into the shower. Good thing, I bought like 5 boxes haha! It should last right into the fall season. :)

Thanks for reading! I know my friend S.K. will be my first reader! HAHA, thanks love!