[SPARKLY LIST] What to buy in a Japanese Pharmacy - Don Quijote

Hi Sparklies! 
I believe Japan is very famous for their pharmacy shopping that it's hard to avoid talking about it on my blog! This time, I went to Don Quijote (a chain pharmacy) that's wildly popular in Japan. I think shopping in Japan is extremely fun, although not exactly for the deals, rather it's for the brilliant ideas they come up with and the funky stuff that we normally cannot find elsewhere. In this blog post, I explore some items that are trendy and popular amongst locals and my go-to items! 
1. Limited Edition Japanese Kit-Kat Flavours

I can never miss out on buying these special edition Kit-Kat whenever I'm in Japan! This time around, I discovered these following flavours: Sake, Strawberry Cheese Cake, and Beni-Imo (Purple Potato). My absolute favourite has been Matcha flavour Kit-Kat so I also buy more in Japan, I find that they are 2-3x the price in Canada.

2. ZOMRAMEN - Japanese Zombies Ramen that's BLUE

Japanese not only have a way to develop funky products, but they are very, very good at selling things to consumers without a sales person. I was literally... in the mind set that I will not leave japan without the ZOMRAMEN in my suitcase after seeing the display (below pic).

Convincing right?! I can't wait to try it out!! :)

3. Japanese Chūhai/Chu-Hi (チューハイ or 酎ハイ)

I used to travel to Japan very often, and two years ago, I tried one can of chuhai thinking it was flavoured beer with a high alcohol content and I was hooked.  The name Chuhai is actually derived from "shōchū highball". Traditional chūhai is made with shōchū   (焼酎) and carbonated water flavoured with lemon. The flavours available now includes lime, grapefruit, kyoho grape, and many more.   On average, they are about 100 Yen, which is extremely cheap.  It's my favourite lady drink and I don't need to worry about getting fat hahah!

Since then, I haven't been to Japan and I traveled everywhere but never encountered anything similar to this. With this work trip, I was NOT going to miss out on taking this home with me! I guess if I was travelling on a vacation, I wouldn't bring back 20 cans of these due to weight restrictions haha. If you're in Japan though, do try it out!!  

4. Japanese Cereal

Granola cereal has been popular in America for many years and it has spread to all over the world in the past decade. In particular, Asia is picking it up as a breakfast must-have except they incorporated a lot of unique flavours and mixed with more varieties of dried fruits. For example, I came across, green tea flavours and mangos. They are also produced by reputable snack/noodle brands such as Calbee and Nissin, respectively. How cool is that! I'm in love with these! They are a little bit more pricy than the ones in America but yes, I'll spoil myself for some yummy breakfast varieties :)

 5. Assorted Japanese Beauty Items
I have a thing with buying sunscreen and using them excessively.  So far from my travels, the highest SPF level + good quality +  most affordable sunscreen is from Japan. I compared prices in Hong Kong and Taiwan as well as Korea and still no place can beat Japan in this area. These are my newest additions to my sunscreen collection. (I use about a bottle a month) so I do need to keep my costs low. These bottles are about $4.50 CAD each for 110 ml and the texture is non greasy, thin and very easy to spread. Some western brands are very thick and creamy at this SPF level.

This was a new find for me. Nowadays, not many make up/beauty products puts me in awe or brings me much excitement. I have been looking for affordable Grey hair dyes and I came across this brand. I tried to look up this brand but not much reviews or anything. As I type this blog post, I've used 2 boxes already and I LOVE THEM. I tried looking for this in Hong Kong's SaSa/Bonjour/Colourmix/Log-On, and I've never seen it. This is a product I'll have to hunt down when I go to Japan again. 

What do you usually enjoy purchasing in Japanese Pharmacies? 
Thanks for reading!