REVIEW: Solone Waterproof Eyeliner (HOLY GRAIL PRODUCT)

Hi Sparklies, today I decided to share my all-time favourite and holy grail pencil waterproof eyeliner. As a beauty enthusiast, I test trial many pencil eyeliners (sadly, most don't impress me), therefore usually I'm a liquid liner girl but this product here I absolutely swear by. It has changed my life.

Solone, is a Taiwanese cosmetics brand, and can be found in mass retailers in Taiwan. (You can also find it at SaSa/Bonjour in Hong Kong) I purchased my collection during my 3 separate trips to Taiwan. My sister and I both stocked up, she purchased over 20 in one go (basically emptied 2 stores)... if that isn't a testament to how amazing these are, I don't know what is.

Solone came out with many different types of waterproof eyeliners and has won many awards in Taiwan over the years. In today's post, I will be going through 3 of the types I have :)

1) Solone Magic Collection - Classic Series
Solone Magic Collection

Solone Magic Collection is part of their most original and classic collection of waterproof eyeliners. I've noticed their paper packaging has changed a few times due to generation, however it's generally as pictured above. They also mention manufacturer date and the product is good for 3 years. The pencil liners claim to be super waterproof, sweat proof and can withstand oily lids while remaining a smooth, soft glide. Many bloggers rave about this product and it's definitely something once you try, you will be hooked.

Solone Magic Collection

Each pencil eyeliner comes with a sharpener and lucky me ~ got all pink sharpeners. Their sharpeners do come at random colours so they aren't always pink. See below I have swatches for the 4 colours I was able to pick up. According to the website, they have a fifth colour which is #5 Silver 亮銀白, however I haven't seen it. I love using all the darker colours for my upper, inner eyeliner area. It's sooooo smooth! 

Solone Magic Collection

The colour payout is amazing with just one glide. It's easy on our delicate eyelids, give it 10 seconds once applied and it can stay the whole day. Don't mistaken that because of its strong staying power that it might be impossible to remove. In my photo down below in this blog post, with just cleansing oil, everything comes off easily.  Original retail price is about NTD$149 to 169 in most retail stores however at Kuangn Nan Wholesale, I was able to get them for NTD $129 each ($5.20 CAD) 

2) Solone Rose Garden Series 玫瑰公主花園系列 
Solone Rose Garden Series 

I came across this packaging and I instantly fell in love. It is the most used product in my make up bag hence I've used so much of it as pictured (it's much shorter than that as I write this blog post). The product itself is no different than Solone's Magic Collection (comes with its own sharpener as well) however the launch of this package was to celebrate over 1 Million sales of their famous waterproof liner. They also upgraded the staying over to guarantee a 24-hours hold without any smudging.  The one I have is #4 Black Gold, and it retails for NTD$149.  There are 8 colours in total: 01濃密黑 Black, 02銀鑽黑 Black Glitter, 03咖啡色 Brown, 04金鑽黑 Black Gold, 05亮銀白 Silver, 10古銅金 Bronze, 12裸膚 Nude, 15深灰藍 Dark Blue

Some of the awards this product has won: 
2010 Fashion Guide Beauty Award - Bloggers' Favourite Product #1
2010 Fashion Guide Beauty Award - Eyeliner Category #1
2012 Ur Cosme Beauty Award - Bloggers' Favourite Eyeliner #2
2013 Fashion Guide Beauty Award - Favourite Product by "Word of Mouth"
Top Classic Product in Asia and breaking 1 Million eyeliners sold in sales throughout Asia

3) Solone Gel Like Smoody Pencil
Solone Gel Like Smoody Pencil

Asian cosmetics tend to have super cute packaging and this collection does not disappoint either. The Gel Like Smoody Pencil has different functions compared to the above two. They can be used as an eyeliner along with a smudging option for a less defined look while the liner hasn't set. This eyeliner takes 30 seconds to set which is ample amount of time to smudge it. The sharpener is not attached. There's a total of 12 colours to choose from and occasionally they have limited edition colours in addition to the 12. 

Solone Gel Like Smoody Pencil
Solone Gel Like Smoody Pencil

Solone Gel Like Smoody Pencil

More Beauty Reviews soon :)
Thanks always for reading!