[Yokohama, Japan] Must Try Seafood Restaurant: Yompachigyojou (四十八漁場 エキニア横浜店)

Hi Sparklies! I just returned from a work trip to Japan and I wanted to share my amazing experience eating at Yompachigyojou (四十八漁場 エキニア横浜店).  I simply followed my colleagues and since they speak Japanese, they knew exactly what to order and explained to me what each was and why it was an unique item. Read on my photo diary as I go through this dining adventure of the palate :)

Honestly, I'm so thankful my colleagues dragged me along because I would not know about this place or know what to order at all. I know what it is when I see it, but the restaurant's "Today's Menu" is completely in Japanese (pictured above). Recently, they added an English menu for their regular dishes. 

Our server came around to show us "Today's Catch". 
The seafood comes directly from forty-eight fisheries, hence they have are proud to introduce their "Today's Catch" to you which is seafood that has just been caught in the morning. With this, you are able to taste the finest of fish and shellfish as if you are eating right at a fishing town. My colleagues told me, to have this fresh of seafood available.. and for the price we were paying, it does not get better than that. 

Let's begin the photo journey of the palate... 

I fell in love with this, and it's simply pickles.
It's cucumbers marinated to taste a little bit salty and spicy. I also taste some garlic and vinegar. 
Absolutely refreshing!

北三陸産 殻付き北紫ウニ豊かな「ウニ牧場」で育まれた、北三陸の初夏の旬。つぼ抜き済なので、殻からスプーンですくって自然の味をお愉しみ下さい。

Nurtured and harvested from a "Sea Urchin Ranch" located in the North Samriku-Taneichi district. this location is also known as the "Sea Urchin Kingdom" due to the quality of sea urchin they produce. The best season is during the early summer.  Simply open the sea urchin and scoop directly from the shell with a spoon, fill your taste buds with the natural taste. 

毎日直送!漁師の刺し盛り当日水揚げ空輸の今朝ドレ鮮魚や、活越し・血抜き・神経〆や、熟成などの一手間をかけた、当店イチ押しの鮮魚達。各地の漁師より直送されるヨンパチの刺身 圧倒的鮮度や旨味をお楽しみ下さい。(中 2〜3人前 1,280円/大 3〜4人前 1,780円)

Direct delivery by fishermen all over Japan everyday!  It seems that they are some techniques that were done to ensure the seafood is at its top quality, however after translating the Japanese in Chinese and English, I couldn't understand what they did. However, that being said, all seafood are kept extremely fresh and carries the taste of Yonpachi. (2-3 serving 1280 Yen/3-4 serving 1780 Yen)

This was a duck dish. I wish I found more information on it. I just remember myself just stuffing things into my mouth nonstop - got too excited hahaha! 


Octopus that has been cooked just slightly, so it taste raw still however there is added texture and flavour. 

Shirasu & Mentai Fried Rice with Butter 850 Yen

Kaiburo - we first waited for the soup to cook with the seashells, then we ate that enjoying the soup and the freshness of the seashells. Then, we ordered ramen to put into the left over soup to cook. Delicious! 

Fish soup with Fish Dumplings. The amazing thing is that even the dumpling wrap was made with fish and therefore the freshness and the seafood taste basically explodes in your mouth.

These are the bar counter seats.  Loud and cheerful welcomes are guaranteed.

Name: Yompachigyojou // 四十八漁場 エキニア横浜店 
Address: 〒220-0004 神奈川県横浜市西区北幸1-1-8 エキニア横浜2F
Closest Station: Yokohama 2 mins walk
Tel: 050-5265-9634
Website: Main // About // Harvest // Menu (Use Google Translate to help)
Many locations to choose from!

Finally, a lovely picture of the lovely ladies I dined with! :)