[TORONTO, CANADA] Taking a Breather at Scarborough Bluffs

Hi Sparklies! I hope everyone is enjoying a sun-loving summer where ever you may be!
I decided to explore more of my own city this summer by trying out nature spots around town. Scarborough Bluffs is the perfect definition of that! It's about a 45 minutes drive from Toronto and it's the perfect spot to spend the day! I only had a few hours to spare so I checked out the famous look out spots, next time, I might try the beach and do a picnic here :)

Here is look out spot number 1, the trail actually does not lead to the beach. It leads to another trail ... according to the hikers who suddenly popped up and spooked me while we took the pictures! 

We then headed to another look out spot where it's most popular. Everyone is here taking the best picture possible, whether its the walk out spot or the cliff spot. It was such an experience for me because I honestly, never do anything outdoorsy in Toronto!

It's so nice to have this in our city! It's such a stress reliever to know I'm so tiny in this big, big world. My problems become so small :)

Many people called me brave for climbing and hiking to these spots! Many people were afraid of heights so they usually took pictures or viewed the scenery from afar. Note, theres actually no safety harnesses or any poles for you to hang on to. So if you decide to try this out, please be careful!