Hi Sparklies!

This is the outfit I wore the other weekend to Doors Open Toronto 2016 and many people gave me the elevator look (in a nice way). While we were driving around Chinatown and Kensington Market, I decided we would go for a stroll and embrace the graffiti wall art work there. I absolutely adore the art here, I will definitely come back for more outfit shots.

It was also in Kensington Market that I got the most compliments about my outfit. Many people were very vocal, they asked about my clutch, my bandage outfit and my shoes. Love the people here! In recent years,  I feel that I've been blogging about my travels more frequently than about Toronto. I love the city I live in and there is so much to do and see in the summer time, I hope to explore and share more about it.

I'm definitely not a pro at photoshop however this was super fun and easy to do. I love the results of it so I thought I would share hahaha. Goodness, so many of me :) I think this would be my squad hahahahha

This clutch was a recent buy during my trip to New Delhi, India. I was trying to buy mostly handcrafted items in the markets and I could not take my eyes away from this piece. I got one for my girlfriend and she loves it too! I just cannot find this item here in Canada for the bargain I had. It's a great conversation started and a very unique piece to my collection :)

That's all for this post for now! I love love love all the graffiti art I had a chance to take a photo with during this walk around. I hope you enjoy reading this piece as much as my outfit. Thanks for reading and hopefully next time I drop by Kensington Market, I would be able to try some of the cafes and food here :)

Bandage outfit from Hong Kong
Handcrafted Clutch from Sarojini Market in New Delhi, India
Aldo Rise Shoes (old)