Hello Sparkly Peoples :)

The thing about spring is that..
.. they bring a sense of hope
.. it symbolizes a new beginning

It's May and I feel like I can finally feel the spring air in Toronto, whereas other parts of the world is probably well into summer weathers of 30 degrees. When the sun sets here, the cold breeze swings right back and I can hardly leave my arms and shoulders bare. So I had my beloved Mama Bear snap these shots for me while the sun was still out.

On my recent trips to Thailand, Taiwan and India, I did so much fast fashion shopping! I was able to find all these trends with lots of variety at a very affordable price. Some of the pieces I got were super easy to mix and match too! Hopefully I can showcase more of my OOTD with the weather being warmer. 

I am also trying to mature my style by gently mixing more minimalistic and feminine pieces into my wardrobe. My style used to be extremely bright colours, one piece dresses, and very young, girly outfits. As much as it was a fun personal style, I think that style should be ever-changing and I should step up to try out different perimeters. 

Likewise to changing styles slightly, I decided to take a step back from working almost 3 jobs at my highest peak and cutting my "output volumes" to something that's more healthy for me. I've cut down my work load a lot now so I am able to attend beauty events and blog more!  This means I'm also cutting down my travelling time too because I can't believe I HARDLY blogged about my travels. Yup, let's get on that! :)

Grey Loose Fitted Top from Bangkok's Platinum Mall 
White Skirt from Bangkok's Chatuchak (JJ) Market
Bling Bling Bangles from New Dehli's Sarojini Market
Sunglasses from Bangkok's Chatuchak (JJ) Market
Louis Vuitton Neverfull Bag (LE)
Roger Vivier Flats