My Journey to Granny GRAY Hair!

It's been a few years since I've had any drastic hair colour changes. My Ombre Brown actually came from a series of Vibrant Red hair dye sessions (at least 3 or 4) which naturally faded. I might still have some of my red hair dye photos, if I do, then I might blog about it. Reds are one of the toughest hair colour to maintain, it is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous when it's freshly done, but within 2 weeks, my hair fades to a brassy brown (or orange) in photos and in real life.

Oh, and I felt as if I looked similar to a "see-lai" aka an Asian Housewife who is totally disconnected to the world. I really needed to spice up my look. 

I spoke to many hair colourists about dying my hair gray, they all say it's super damaging and very high maintenance. I usually like to do everything myself so I took a deep breath... and went for it!!!!

I purchased the Revlon Frost&Glow Hightlighter Kit in Honey from Lisa Cosmetics Warehouse Sale years before. To be honest, I'm not sure if this product is discontinued or not however, for $4.99 CAD at the sale - it's a steal! At first, I attempted for a Gray highlighter ombre like in Guy Tang's IG.... figured if I aimed for the sky, at least I'll land on earth and not in hell HAHAHA.  After 20 minutes of plucking hair through the holes of the highlighter cap, I waved the white flag. I only managed maybe my bangs section and I can barely figure out the back of my head. It was a complete fail. Without further delay, just bleached the whole head quickly. 

Guess what, then I got a call from work to fly.... #FlightAttendantLife
Yep, I went to work looking like the below. *so embarrassing*
anyways, I laughed at myself and with my friends and had fun rocking this hair in NYC! 

I was happy (even looking like a lightbulb) regardless because I was so bored and felt gloomy with my previous colour. My upcoming posts will have me in this Bleached Out Blonde hair roaming in New York City! HAHAHA

Prior to my Bleached Out Blonde hair, my roots area was my natural black/brown hair so it turned to an orangy/yellow whereas my faded red which was brassy orange turned into a whitish yellow. With the Dariya Palty Foam Pack Hair Color in Cinnamon Churros, I figured I should get anywhere from Ashed Blonde and Ashy Grey - what I hoped for. The dying process was a breeze with this package. At first, I didn't think I'll get my desired colour because I used this product in a different colour before and the results were super disappointing. Priced at $15 CAD approximately, I got it from Hong Kong's Logon. Very affordable for this colour payout.

However, with bleached hair.... it was PERFECT! I had somewhat of a gradation from light grayish blonde to a cool toned gray near my ends. 

I used my digital camera to snap some shots. No filter and no editing for lighting. 
Daylight - Indoor Light - Daylight

The above, are all different filters by Beauty Cam (APP)... the colour payoff is super fun!!!
 Sorry, so many selfies (I'm literally obsessed with my hair) and many of my friends asked me to dye their hair for them! AHHAHA 

Tips Summary:
  • The longer you keep the bleach in your hair, the lighter it is going to go. The thinner the hair too aka easy to break. (35 mins for me)
  • Sometimes, bleach can be hefty in price by itself, so look for box hair dyes that feature something super blonde and it usually does the trick too.
  • Black/brown pigments is going to give orange, brassy shades after first bleach - sadly. 
  • Faded browns are very easy to lift with bleach
  • Greys almost always only work on LIGHT hair or bleached hair. There's no escaping.
  • Use special care shampoos and conditioner for "Damaged/Coloured" hair, bleaching is major damage for hair!
  • For about $20 CAD to get these results, my friends were shocked. Salons are charging $100-200+ depending on lengths and number of bleach sessions.

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