[LONDON ENGLAND] Tayyabs - Best Family Owned Authentic Punjabi Food in Town

Thanks to Yinnie, for being my model, friend and guide in London!! xoxo!! 
Honestly, I've been in London countless time but it's always thanks to her, I explore the BEST of London!!! xoxoxoxox!! 

This time, she took me to Tayyabs, a Punjabi restaurant which is an absolute gem in town.
I'm not disappointed!

We speed-walked over to the restaurant from Bank Station after Yinnie and I met up. Thank goodness we walked like we're some super starved souls because we beat the rush of people. (Oh, and it was just a regular workday - not a Friday!)

Note the salad, dips and bread we already got, the moment we sit down. A great way to get some munching while we decide what we want.

Yup, there are people waiting inside and outside the restaurant. This is where it's at! 
I'm so glad we got seats!! With the amount of people at this restaurant, I don't expect amazing service but I know one thing for sure, the food must be AAAAAH-MAZING!

I wish someone will let me know what these dips are, they are so good with the bread!

We ordered their famous Lamb Chops and Chicken Tikka. Great way to start the meal, the lamb chop comes sizzling and it's so strong across the room and mouthwatering! What an experience! 

Let's just say, they were DELICIOUS!! 
I believe they were the Karashis and we also had some very good nann to go with it! 

I wanna come back on my next layover. 
Hopefully, I can actually locate it without Yinnie's help!! 

Restaurant Information:
Address: 83-89 Fieldgate Street London E1 1JU
Phone: 020 7247 9543 / 020 7247 6400 020 7247 8521

Summary of Tips:
  • From the website, it seems like they do recommend reservations online - Book Early!
  • Do not expect it to be a fine diner, it's hot, noisy (really, noisy) and your clothes will may need dry cleaning
  • BYOB. Yes, you read that right. You can bring your own beer without a corking fee!
  • It's about £10-20 per person. 
  • Wait times can "sound" like 5 minutes at first but in reality it may really be 45 minutes or longer
  • Due to the hype, a true local favorite, service is not at par - don't expect it. My girlfriend and I were super into our conversation, we rarely needed any attention anyways.