[LONDON, ENGLAND] Photo Diary - What To Do Around Bank Station

Hello Sparklies, during my layover in London today, I had to do some small errands in the area and since I had to wait for my friend to get off work for dinner. I walked around Bank Station for the afternoon and here's my discovery! :) Enjoy!

The above is what I had to do.... pretty annoying truly! I had my money exchanged prior to coming to England and it turns out some of the currency were part of the old banknotes in which many vendors don't accept. I was basically down to my last 70£ and I had no other choice but to plan a day to exchange this. So here I am at the Bank of England - only bank in London to get your old bank notes exchanged!  Thankfully, the staff are very kind and it was a speedy process. 

Right after that, I went to explore the Bank of England Museum which was just around the corner. 

AHHH! I learned so much - I LOVE MUSEUMS XD!!!

The Royal Charter fixed with the Great Seal (not pictured) on July 27, 1694. It sets out conditions the Bank creates and promises - granted by Williams and Mary. 

When I used to play the piano, I always came across the composer, Handel. Super cool, he banked here too!! 

Seeing an actual Gold Bar in front it me! Right below me, is where they stored gold.. the GOLD VAULT!  (kinda reminds me of Harry Potter's Gringotts Wizarding Bank and their vaults haha! 

Obviously, I'm a nobody so I can't actually be in the vault but I took a #GoldVaultSelfie anyway! haha
There's me touching and trying to lift the gold bar! It's SUPER HEAVY!! 

It seems like in time, the England banknotes will be of polymer material. (I'll have to exchange my banknotes again *sigh) Oh and Look!! The Canadian bill is included here! 

Wow! One Million Pound Banknote!!! 

After exploring the Bank of England, I decided to visit Leadenhall Market because it is one of the film locations for Harry Potter's Diagon Alley. Leadenhall Market was built in 1881 and is London's most beautiful Victorian market. Back in the day, it was a meat, game and poultry market. Today, there are a few bars and restaurant and also some clothes shop as well as a high end pen shop. It's not big in size compared to the covered markets I've visited in Brussels (Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert) and Milan (Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II).

Nearby, there are a few iconic buildings that represents London's financial district. 

Lloyd's of London

A private building not opened to pubic, has won several awards for it's outstanding architecture design. Most striking are the external features which house all services, lifts, lavatories and staircases in three towers and 12 external glass lifts - the first of their kind in the UK

30 St Mary Axe (Looks like the Bullet of London) Another landmark of London and can be seen miles away. 

Finally I decided to go back to The Royal Exchange to meet up with my friend, Yinnie! 
(More on our meet after, she brought me to the MOST yummy Punjabi restaurant EVER!)

Originally opened in 1571, by Queen Elizabeth I who awarded the building its royal title and a licence to sell alcohol. Nowadays, it houses high-end shops such as Tiffany & Co, Hermes, and other shops I can barely afford. Photos are strictly allowed for the ceiling and not at people or shops. (I got a very snobby feel in here so I didn't enjoy staying here too long) 

That wraps up what's around Bank Station!! Thanks for reading!