Happy Monkey New Year 2016!

Hello Sparklies!

Yay! It's the Year of the Monkey!! It's also my mom's 5th time to welcome the Year of the Monkey meaning she's turning the big SIX-OH (60) this year! I wanted to share some of the festivities this time around Toronto and Hong Kong :)

Last month, I visited Hong Kong for work and managed to take some pictures at Langham Place. At Level 4 Atrium, it was filled with displays for photo taking opportunity! With the Year of the Monkey, the well-known Japanese character, Monchhichi, was featured as Sun Wukong 孫悟空 and other iconic characters from the famous Chinese novel, “Journey to the West” 西遊記. Extremely cute, I couldn't resist and took pictures with my best friend!!

In Toronto, my family and cousins went to Century Place for a dinner with Lion Dance and other festive activities. Let's just say this place was beyond loud. The AV system was such a fail! and many aunties (strangers) were line dancing to like disco songs. It's really funny because my cousins described it as having dinner at a rave! hahah

Lion Dance for good fortune!

At our table, it's survival of the fittest! hahah CHOPSTICKS WAR! 
I lost pretty badly on this dish (and also the fish - returned to the table with only bones), I beat down everyone by the time lobsters came out though AHHAHA :)

Honestly, many pictures were passed around here and there so I'll just include a few from instagram :)
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I'm so happy to still be collecting Red Pockets this year!! Gosh, this is probably a small reason why it's still amazing to be not married off yet! hahaha  

Finally, just some key accessories to bring a year of GOOD LUCK! :)

Hope you guys enjoyed Chinese New Year too! 
I've had such joy and received a record-breaking amount of red pockets this year! 
The best was, I actually managed to get some time off work so I can enjoy family time :)

Thanks always for reading :)