Hi Sparklies!

Recently I travelled to New York City to visit my best friend, Amber. I should really visit her more often, time passes by so quicky - it's been more than a year since I last visited already!  (My layovers in New York don't count because it's too short) Every time I visit, Amber would teach me how to take the cab from the airport - instruct the taxi driver what route to take or avoid - so I don't get scammed with the rates. Instead, I always commute into the city using the public transit. So, I might as well share a few tips on how I normally get into the Times Square area!

1) Go straight to Public Bus area. There you will find a couple of busses that gets you into Times Square area. There are also direct buses that cost about $17 USD. However, public transit is only $2.50 USD

2) I've taken both M60 and Q70 (recently added new route for LGA to MTA Station).
M60 - You can buy tickets with cash or credit card with the machines that are located right at the bus stop. The frequency of the bus is about 10 minutes. To head to Times Square, get off the M60 at Astoria Blvd station to connect to the N, Q Line. My experience is that during evening time, when I get off the bus, I need to cross the street alone and up the stairs. It was extremely creepy so I tried a new route this time around.
Q70 - The frequency is about 20 minutes, longer wait time during rush hour. This bus is pretty packed unlike M60. The first stop is Jackson Heights/Roosevelt Station where you can connect to the E, F, R line.  R line and E line are the ones I used to get to Times Square. E is definitely faster than R because it's more frequent. 

3) Buy a Metro Card from the Hudson News stores from the airport. With 
your Metro Card, you can connect and transfer without extra pay. I learned it the annoying way, I paid cash for the Q70 thinking I will get a transfer slip like TTC and I didn't want loose change. Little did I know, by the time I got to Roosevelt to connect, I had to paid another fare. #$@#$@ 
(side note: I tried to pay with my Metro Card, that's when I realized my Metro Card also expired)

Anyway, I finally arrived at my best friend's apartment and began our night! She took me out to a pretty yummy pizza joint!

B Side Pizza & Wine (370 W 51st Street, New York, NY 10019 | Ph: 646-679-7225 )

It's such a relaxed and chill environment for my bestie and I to catch up and fill our tummies!

Killer Bee tomato, mozzarella, sopressata, garlic puree, chilli oil, honey $16 USD

Don Ho tomato, roasted pineapple, smoked ham, burrata, pickled fresno chiles $17 USD

We also had beer to go along with it.. hence our photos got kinda blurry.. (I guess the bottle of rosé before dinner counts too HAHAHA)

I swear it was the camera that got drunk! hahhaha We are responsible adults!! 

Fun way to start my mini getaway in NYC! More to come :)