My Clean & Clear "Fresh & Clean" Morning Routine

Hello Sparklies!

As I was reflecting on the topics mentioned on my blog, I realized I actually never wrote about my insecurities or even my morning skin care routine. So I might as well hit two birds with one stone and give this a go. 

First up, this is my newly added skin care morning routine to combat the stress pimples I got during the stressful and hectic month of December – Essentials Fresh & Clean Morning Routine by Clean & Clear.

I will go into my insecurities later as I don't want to freak you all out with my ancient pictures from my high school days just yet!

The entire routine is simple as 1, 2, 3! Let me break it down for ya!

CLEAN & CLEAR Essentials Foaming Facial Cleanser is the first step of the routine; it cleans my face, removing all traces of make up and visible dirt/oil. The make up, dirt, oil or any pollutants in our surroundings can cause pimples and dullness to our skin. By removing it with this face cleanser, our clean skin can breath and regenerate much quicker.  

1) I usually pat my face with water and then pump a dime-sized amount into my clean hands.
2) With some water, lather into a foamy, bubbly consistency.
3) Start gently massaging your face to clean away all traces of dirt, make up, oil, etc
4) Rinse with water - that's it!


CLEAN & CLEAR Essentials Deep Cleaning Astringent is the middle step and one of the best part for me because it WORKS! To me, it's a facial toner and it multitasks to clean impurities that the naked eye can't see (you know that dirt that's hiding in your pores?). It closes up your pores, prevents further breakouts, and wipes away dead skin. It's packed with a maximum strength, acne fighting medication, so don't over use as it may dry out your skin. Go little by little and see how your skin reacts.

1) Take a cotton pad. 2) Pour a generous amount to soak the cotton pad. 3) Your T-zone area is usually where oil lingers so I always go over that area once. My chin is also no joke - I have annoying white heads around there - I go over that area too! 4) See!!! Dead skin, leftover make up that I didn't get to and other dirt that I can't see. 5) My skin feels greeeeaaaaat!

 CLEAN & CLEAR Essentials Dual Action Face Moisturizer is the last and final step of the routine to add moisture to my freshly cleaned face. The added bonus of the product is to treat acne/pimples and prevent further breakouts - oh! and it's oil-free! What I love about it is that it leaves me a fresh tingly sensation that none of my other face moisturizers has given me. It's very refreshing and my skin feels soft and smooth! 

I like to pump it out of the bottle, dot all over my face and then massage until fully absorbed.

It's almost as if I've parted with my physical insecurities so many years ago that I hardly remember it.. until recently at a Christmas family gathering, I heard this "my pimples are exploding everywhere!" Haha, that would be my younger cousins venting across the room! 

During grade 8 all the way to grade 11, I recall feeling so ugly with all my pimples that were bursting uncontrollably. Back then, we didn't have skillful beautyYoutubers to teach us how to do make up/skin care. My elder sister was blessed with flawless skin so in the end, I had no one to run to for remedies. No, I didn't "Google" it either because it wasn't a thing to do when you didn't know something.

Trust me, looking like that, in high school is NO FUN

It wasn't until my second year in university, the puberty days were completely over and I've learned to live with the aftermath pimple-battlefield that's located right above my eyebrows. Of course, with age I've learned other ways to beautify myself not due to insecurities, rather because I know I can be more beautiful. My friends and family are also super supportive through all these 20+ years. Thank goodness I can finally let people see the real me.

If you are going through the same thing, just know, you are blessed with resources nowadays. Even if the remedies don't work now, know that these days will pass. What's truly important is beautifying your inner beauty, not just skin deep.