[AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS] Day 2 - Albert Cuyp Market Shopping

To be brutally honest, I had nothing planned for Amsterdam except for..... to check out the Red Light District (Amsterdam is famous for it) and eat space muffins (because it's not a crime and so many websites mentioned it's a MUST try!). Anyway, the point is, I was utterly surprised at the markets and food Amsterdam has to offer and this is one of them!

WHAT IS IT: Albert Cuyp Market, a street market, began in 1900's and has stalls lined up on both sides of Albert Cuyp Street (between Ferdinand Bolstraat and Van Woustraat) of De Piji (a neighbourhood).  Due to its popularity the street is closed off from traffic during market hours.
WHAT THEY SELL: nearly 300 vendors selling everything from fruits, vegetables, fish, meats, spices, chocolate, cheese, flowers and plants to clothes, jewelry, shoes, bike accessories, bedding, fabrics and cosmetics
WHEN: from 9:30 am to about 5 pm, Monday to Saturday, can close earlier in winter and due to bad weather. Closed on Sunday.

I arrived on a wet and gloomy day which is PERFECT because there are no crowds. Usually, when the weather is good or if it's a saturday, this market is filled with people. Some of the prices here are amongst the most affordable and even locals come here for vegetables, flowers and cheese.

I absolutely love to enjoy me-time with cheese and wine so it's an absolutely must to buy cheese here!

This cheese shop had the coolest and most unique cheese. The owner is super nice and explained to me what each should be paired with. 

So therefore I bought a block of each of the following:

These were PERFECT for a potluck! Such an amazing conversation starter.

A bike shop of course!

The market has many of Amsterdam's traditional dutch refreshments such as stroopwafel, kibbeling and poffertjes as pictured. Prior to visiting the market, I did a lot of research on street food, and traditional foods of Amsterdam. I tried to check it off as I walk through streets. It's almost like a checklist for my tummy - Joyce's TO EAT LIST! =)

Mini pancakes that are freshly made and then sprinkled with powdered sugar and butter.

Another cheese stall where I purchased the famous gouda cheese! Gouda is Holland's most popular, most loved, most authentic cheese to represent the country. I absolutely have to have it in my possession! (this stall had a better deal than the first cheese stall and more locals were buying from here) It was only later when I sat down and researched Daalder Kaas that it is a reputatable cheese stall-franchise across Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Austria. *SCOREEEEEE*

A bread store and other pastries. I think if the weather was warmer and on a Saturday, there would be tons of food stalls available.

This stall sells chicken mostly and the guys working here are super fun! They totally lured me in with a sample chicken wing in my face (how can I walk away from that... I love chicken wings) and we ended up eating two plateful of chicken. They taught us to eat by dipping it in peanut butter. It's super delicious to eat something toasty and warm on a cold, wet day!

If you're into fabric hunting, I do it because I love to DIY pillows and other random things, you're gunna love this market. There are many shops with fabrics, different types of laces, fillings, buttons, sewing machines etc etc. All can be bargained and inventory is super random so you're more likely to find unique items here than the typical Fabricland in Canada.  
Side note: many Fabricland locations closed down in my area, I find it soooo tough to even find materials nowadays.

There are other shopping items like clothing, dresses, mens wear, kids wear, knock off designer bags, and much more. Those I didn't bother posting since it's very typical however, I found this random stall where they sold Birkenstock for a CRAZY LOW price. I didn't get a pair because I just couldn't tell whether they are authentic or not. Even with some googling at home, I can't tell. This stall is called "B&S Schoenmode", if you're a local or knows anything about this stall. Please let me know because I really want to get some awesome deals with Birks. (I posted about Birks a few times on Sparkly Playground... seriously love them)

Finally, being the silly-loser-tourist that I am, I cannot resist these "city-promotion" stores.  I always spend so much precious time here. Hand-picking mini figurines to take home, a lovely Amsterdam hat to tell everyone on the streets that I'm a loser tourist LOL and selecting a postcard to write back to myself hahahaha.  Simply because my friends don't travel as often as me so I gotta write it myself hahahahahah!  Some of my friends still make fun of me about this.

Oh well. 

Next, Amsterdam's FEBO!