REVIEW: BCBG MAXAZRIA Warehouse Sale Toronto Fall 2015

Hello Sparklies!!!

It's been such a long time since I've been to warehouse sales! One being that, I've been splurging on traveling the world instead of materials. Second, maybe because I'm growing up, materials don't satisfy me as much as experiences. With growing up, it means, my friends are getting married.... the wedding season don't seem to stop all the way into fall and winter so I better stock up on dresses!

When I found out about a warehouse sale with BCBG MAXAZRIA, I decided to check it out.

Location & Dates:
The International Center (Mississauga) Entrance 6
6900 Airport Road, Toronto, Ontario L4V 1E8

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015 at 10:00 AM - Sunday, October 4th. 2015 at 7:00 PM

I had no line ups anywhere, I purposely avoided the first day. Some of my girlfriends messaged me and said the line up on the first day was like 1-2 hours and the cashier line up was up to 2.5 hours. Thank goodness I avoided all the craziness.

Here's a look at the cashier line up, easy peasy for me.
Also their terms and conditions for the sale.

I was pretty impressed at the size of the sale. It's huge!!! I love the way that it is very clear how they section products by brand and sizes. For BCBG MAXAZRIA items, they are all separated by sizes. No matter what size you are, you will find something - no guarantee on selection or variety though.

Here's a look at the prices for BCBG MAXAZRIA. Maybe because I went on Day 2, I didn't find very beautiful items as I would if I was in a retail store or an outlet store. The designs didn't make me shout "take my money now". 

The prices are alright. I say this because I found a very plain, short dress which is probably worth $10 but I also found VERY unique short dresses for $40. So it truly depends on what you decide to pick up.  Another example is, I found long gowns that are totally tacky for $60 whereas in an outlet, very unique long gowns go for $60 to $80. Prices are often subjective... maybe, the really nice pieces are sold out - who knows?

These are some of my selection, I narrowed it to one item because I was being super rational haha!
Scroll to the bottom to see what I bought home! :)

Shoes!!! (My Fave)

Shoes were so amazingly organized, I had an easy time looking for sizes because they are decided up by sizes. And I don't need to find the missing shoe because they are all bundled up in pairs. Prices: $40 for shoes and sandals, $60 for boots. I was pretty close to buying the black booties with silver glitter heels but I stopped myself because what I really really needed were Long Black leather boots.

When I was there, I heard a staff telling the other staff to put the right sizes back into the right aisles. .....and they are almost always cleaning/tidying up. Definitely not a table of mess.

A photo to show you some of the selection for shoes.

Another photo to show you some of the selection for shoes.

Can you tell? I love shoes?

LOLE is a brand I'm not personally too familiar with and because the products were either in boxes (pictured) or all over the table. I don't have the will to go through it and sort out what I need. I, later researched the brand, and discovered that this brand retails their products from $40 to $300+ so the warehouse sale prices are a steal. 

Finally, a section that surprised me - The North Face and Helly Hansen. Both very reputable brands for winter&outdoor sports/recreation. We all know Toronto has very cold winters and now that I picked up snowboarding, I also want better jackets and snow pants!

All prices are 50% off the price you find on the tag. 

Be sure to check if there are stains or dirt. I found a jacket I can "settle" with but it was stained terribly. I use the word "settle" because sizes are extremely limited, it was a M and I normally wear XS. The owner gave me $40 off which came down to $180 CAD plus tax ($440 - 50% - $40) from $440 CAD  (original price). It still didn't sit well with me because I would need to dry clean it for about $60 and a jacket not in my size.  

I also found other jackets but the sizing!! Makes me #$!#@! (can't even express myself).. there is an overload of M sizes. I hope they improve on this on the next sale.

This is the dress that I got! Woohoo! Yes, I only walked away with 1 dress. I think I'll be wearing this to my friend's wedding :) Such a steal with this one. It originally retailed for $498! It was soooooo hard to find a size 0..... it's meant to be :)

If you went as well, let me know what you thought of the sale! Until next time :)