[PARIS, FRANCE] Eiffel Tower and an OOTD

Hey sparkly peoples of the world! I’m currently on the Ouibus traveling from Paris, France to Belgium, Brussels. I was going to blog about my first evening in Paris but the other hard drive is locked in the suitcase in the cargo so I can only work from the pictures I have on hand..so here comes Day 4 of Paris.

Day 4 (Friday): Eiffel Tower, La Cite, and Louvre Museum.  As much as I wanted to check out La Cite, we spent too much time around Eiffel Tower and didn’t want to lose our time at the Louvre so I took it out.

Eiffel Tower is always super magnificent up close and personal. Second time here and I still love it as much as the first. I finally got to see it during the day and realized it actually has some lettering on the tower which I wasn’t able to see at night! You can walk up or take the elevator up (both requires entrance fee) but this doesn’t appeal to me. I enjoy walking and discovering different spots to capture the perfect shot with it :)

Fall is beautiful in Paris, though I tried my best to avoid the crowds by going this season, there’s still just people everywhere! Here’s the outfit I wore that day. It’s not easy to create practical and trendy fashionable outfits while travelling (what you see in famous fashion bloggers' posts on vacation is not practical travel outfits). 

 I was really inspired by the Fall 2015 trends of grey on grey, bohemian fringe as well as the everlasting plaid pattern so I applied those two elements into my outfit.

Plaid jacket from Oh My Girl! Taiwan 
Plaid pattern scarf gifted from one of my clients (PT job) 
Plaid cardigan from Taiwan Street Markets 
Gray knitted sweater vest from TNA 
Gray tee from Hong Kong 
Shoes from Burberry 
Black stockings+leggings underneath from Old Navy 
Black fringe bag from Le Chateau