[PARIS&BRUSSELS] Birthday and Halloween 2015

Hey sparkly peoples of the world! Some of you already know this, I have one of the most awesome birthdays ever…. on the spoooookiest day of the year: Halloween! This is probably the only year I’m doing so little on the day, I basically spent 4 hours of it on an Ouibus travelling from Paris to Brussels (review later)… yea boring. However, this entire Europe trip is basically to celebrate it (at least in my head) so I’d say, that makes it up. =) 

 Day 5: Lunch in Paris, Bus to Brussels, Dinner, Grand Place (night scene)

I feel the need to have to come back to Grand Place to just soak in the night scene again. The pictures do not do it justice.

I love how in Europe, you’re able to drink on the streets (unlike Canada). At Grand Place, the scene is similar to Church Street (Toronto, but less dressed up) on Halloween night. Filled with college students and other spectators just hanging out and drinking. Some dresses up and are totally cool with taking pictures (many loves to photo bomb too)

I think this Halloween spirit is just enough for me this year. Though I normally go all out at Halloween parties in Toronto or Disneyland Tokyo (still one of my all-time fave), it was very cool to experience Halloween in Europe :) 

 That’s all for now! I better sleep as tomorrow will be a FULL Brussels day - gotta make the most out of it! 

 Finally, Happy Birthday to me :)