[MADRID SPAIN] Mercado San Miguel Experience

Hello Sparklies! 

This is one of my surprise finds while I was wandering Old Madrid.  Sometimes, I realized that, not being super planned opens me more to random things. Of course, I might miss them too. Luckily, I think I haven't missed much. I was able to take more time to observe my surroundings and I think it's more enjoyable this way :)

Mercado San Miguel is one of the top markets in Madrid, they have various delicatessen stalls selling food and drinks that can be enjoyed on site.  I took pictures of the different stalls to give you an idea :) There are also assorted drinks from juices, soups, wines, and beers! They are all pretty affordable around 2 - 6 Euros! For food wise, they are known for their tapas, cakes, yogurts, ice creams, sushi, pasta - you name it!! Just all in all a great place to munch (and actually be full too)!

Opening hours are Monday to Sunday: 
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday: 10:00 to 24:00
Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 10:00 to 2:00 pm

This is the stall/store I decided to eat at. I was standing to eat and randomly started to chat with random people who spoke English. Turns out they were US Airways crew! It was delightful chatting with them, I swear, being a flight attendant has made me realize how similar we are! They jokes we laugh about and how relatable we are even though we're different airlines and from different country.

This is what I ordered with the help of my newly found bar friends from US Airways hahah!
This is a pretty popular Spanish dish which I still don't know what it's called. However, I know the ingredients and learned how to make it. All you need is Pimientos de Padron/Padron Peppers + olive oil + sea salt. I personally don't like my food too salty so I asked for salt on the side :)

Along with this soup called Salmorejo Cordobes which is a Cold Creamy Tomato Soup. I noticed it's a pretty popular Spanish soup as it's the soup of the day at many diners while I was there. 

Next to it, it's an oyster from France. It cost me abut 2.50 Euros for one. I feel pretty ripped off about it because I eat so much seafood whenever I go to the West Coast for Vancouver/Victoria layovers in Canada - truly don't need to eat this. However, the guy kept like questioning where I was from and wouldn't let me walk away and before I knew it, he already opened it and kinda expects me to pay. *sigh. It was okay... nothing that special. 

That's a wrap for my Mercado San Miguel experience! I wish I had more spots in my stomach for more food! However due to my cold, I lost so much appetite! =(!!  Hopefully next time I come with friends so I can order more food to try!