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Hello Sparklies!

I wanted to share with you my stay during my vacation to Taipei, Taiwan back in April.  Many of my friends always ask me how I afford all my vacations.. well we all know I have flight benefits so the only big budget chunk left would be stays (where I sleep after touring around).

Reminiscing my London trip, I stayed at the Hiltons Tower Hill, super expensive and I only slept there without trying their facilities or restaurants - not going to spend my money like that on vacation stays again.  My excuse was because I was taking my mom and I understand she isn't used to budget stays so it all depends on your needs. 

Personally, I look for the following when I pick my stays:

1) Location 
This is SUPER key for me. I usually pick downtown areas or within 5-10 minute walks of popular subway stations or near a landmark that I can stare at all 3-5 days.

2) Hygiene
It must be clean!! I don't want to carry any bed bugs back!! Reading reviews and looking through all the pictures on the website usually helps.

2A) Bathroom/Washroom 
Personally, I need hot water and as long as the shared bathroom is separated by male and female. I'm okay. I also prefer if there are amenities such as shampoo, conditioners, body wash and lotion. Less liquids to pack!

3) Free WIFI
Normally when I head to my vacations, I don't have much time to plan it. (I noticed I've been planning all my spontaneous vacations WHILE I was abroad in my room every night before I sleep)  In many Europe hotels, WIFI might be extra charge. Also even some older hostel or hotels, only have wifi in the lobby. For me, I need Wifi in my own room. 

4) Individual Rooms with Door Locks
I've stayed at hostels before, bed & breakfast or super cheap places that are not near hotel grade. Regardless, I desperately need my own space. I don't like noise and paranoid about thefts so I definitely cannot share my sleeping space with any strangers like most bunk bed hostel dorms. 

5) Price
Of course, it all comes to price too but the above 4 are VITAL to me. Typically, my budget is $80 CAD or less per night which is already really high (still can't believe I paid $1000 CAD for 5 nights in London, UK #wtf #fml). I noticed the places I've stayed ranges from $30 - $35 CAD per night --- WIN!!!

So let's finally check out NEOSOHO 24/7 Work & Relax
 and why I highly recommend it!!

1) Location
NEOSOHO 24/7 Work & Relax is located within 5-7 minutes walking distance from Taipei Main Station. I'm basically in the middle of everything! about 20 minutes walk from Ximending and just a few subway stops from most other popular tourist areas. At night, I came home a few times at 11pm to 1am, it's still a very safe area for a girl travelling alone and there was security before entering the building.

About 5 minutes from the famous "Camera Street in Taipei" (台北相機街)
It's located in basically 3 streets (漢口街、博愛路、開封街) and literally EVERY shop here sells cameras and assorted items related to cameras (lenses, tripods, cell phones, tablets, etc). Some of the brands includes: Canon Nikon, Fujifilm, Sony, Samsung, Olympus, Ricoh, Leica, Pentax, Panasonic and so much more.  Whether you are looking for a repair, inquiry session, to compare prices or to purchase vintage, you will find your treasures here.  

Within 10 minutes of walk, I discovered this department store that houses local and international lifestyle brands. Imagine this like a Walmart but more Asian focused. I tend to spare 30 minutes to an hour here because I find something new all the time! The prices are more affordable than the local drugstores chains (cosmetics) and they have member rewards too! 


This massage place was pretty legit! Gosh, I wish I remembered the prices!  
It was a 2 minute walk downstairs from Neosoho, I was here a few time after a long day of walking everywhere!
I'm pretty known within my friends that I'm a massage freak (骨精 in Cantonese LOL)

The hallway from my room to the shared bathroom. The bathrooms are separate between the sexes. Even the floors are separated between the sexes. I felt super safe knowing my next door neighbours are all female. The shared bathroom was extremely clean, almost reminds me of the dorm bathrooms back when I did my exchange in Hong Kong University but even better and modern! They provided amenities and the brands are Japanese or Taiwanese drugstore brands. Hot water is consistent and there is no curfew.

My room is tiny but it's perfect for me. I loved that the bed is faux leather and I even wiped it down with hot towels and the towel was sparkling white after to note that it was clean! The temperature was perfect with air conditioning and I was never cold or anything. They provided blankets and you can always ask for more. There are a few cabin rules to follow such as no eating in rooms and you can't talk on the phone. They have a strict quiet policy so I had great sleep every night.  Of course, I also had my free WIFI, towel, slippers, safe box and other items as shown. 

This is the Lobby and Kitchen area. This is open 24/7 where you can social if you want to and talk on the phone etc. During my stay, I noticed many people were there for interviews or business travel.  I know my neighbours were girls but they are definitely on a mission to beauty shop (I heard them talking in bathrooms). I was mostly in Taipei to eat and sightsee hahah! 

The kitchen has a microwave, the drinks machine (all pop/juice/coffee/tea free), fridge and so on. Pretty convenient again. There are also computers for you to use and lots of research materials if you wanted to tour all over Taipei. The staff are EXTREMELY friendly! I had such a great time, they gave me tips and recommended a few places for me too! 

If I travel again (alone) to Taipei, I'm very likely to stay here again! Can't believe I found such a great place for the price I paid. At the time, I booked it for $33 CAD a night. 

台灣 台北市 中正區 館前路 26 號 9F (星巴克咖啡樓上) 
9F, No. 26 Guanqian Road, Taipei, Taiwan (above Starbucks Cafe)
TEL: +886-2-23815333  FAX: +886-2-23815222