A Letter from Your Flight Attendant - #1

Dear Passenger, 

I don't know why, recently, I actually get really nervous over moderate to severe turbulence. I was never ever scared of roller coasters, but being one of the last ones to sit down when everyone else sat down with seat belts fastened.. that feeling isn't at all cool.

Last night's winds (during pilot briefing) mentioned it may go up to 35 knots. When it hit, it was a bit more sudden than we expected. After making announcements, I couldn't even make it back to my jumpseat and had to take an empty passenger seat instead. I felt my body lift up a few times during those turbulence and was held back by my seat belts. I went into alert mode right away, I know this isn't considered violent yet, but my mind was racing--- where I'd get my books, my jacket, safety equipment; what are my commands; how we're going to evacuate all these people with just a couple of us, etc etc.

Deep down, I'm scared too. Being in the position I'm in, I won't let my face or my mind show. I know every passenger around me was reacting to my body language and facial expression. So I pretended to just stare into the in-flight entertainment system while I was cautiously monitoring the cabin for my crew and listening for announcements.

Trust me, I have a home and family I want to see at the end of this flight, too.

Typically, in situations like this, you tend to obey my every syllable. And I'm thankful that you do.

Believe me, I would find it more entertaining that you fall on your face losing balance from the turbulence since you yelled at me about charging you the 4 white wines.  Just fasten your seat belts, stay in your seats and don't walk around!!!  It's about your safety and those around you, otherwise, I wouldn't bother wasting a breath.

Hmm, just a small reflection. Every time I step foot into the aircraft, I'm not just smiling at you and imagining all the ludicrous things you may request of me.

I'm your in-flight super hero. 

No, really, I am.

Yours Truly, 
Sparkly Flight Attendant

ps, I'm also more authoritative than you think. HAHA. 
I'll save that for the next letter though.