[VICTORIA, CANADA] All The Things You Can do in 24 Hours

Hi Sparklies!

I always go over to Vancouver because of work and leisure but never had enough time to drop by Victoria. An old friend of mine happens to be over there working for the Navy (Canadian Forces) so he took me out to tour around! I was pretty surprised at all the food and scenery - it was much needed layover for me personally to relax!

First place first, we went to eat after my flight in! We went to Jam Cafe for bunch! We waited about 45 minutes in line to get in. During the line up, I found out it's a norm, there's always line up at this breakfast/bunch restaurant! They are known for their delicious menu and enormous portions. Usually my appetite is huge and I was only able to finish half. Pretty popular place for both locals and tourists! 

Jam Cafe
542 Herald Street, Victoria, British Columbia V8W 1S5, Canada

Royal Canadian Navy - Pacific Region
Like I said, my friend works at the Navy, so he used his cool pass to get me an insider look of the base. Ever since, I became a flight attendant, I love uniform forces and am really interested in their work environment. This exclusive visit was soooo cool to me! :)

Saxe Point Park
(Fraser Road, Esquimalt, British Columbia, Canada)

One of the many things I love is staring into the ocean. I think it's absolutely the most relaxing thing in the world and all my problems can go away for those peaceful moments. This park isn't one of the must see in Victoria and it's not a tourist hot spot but it's one of the many parks in Victoria. 

Again, it's time to eat again!! My friend took me to Red Fish Blue Fish to eat and apparently, it's pretty popular again to both locals and tourists. Among my colleagues, many knows about it too.
After all, if you're around the west coast, you might as well eat some seafood! Their menu is mouthwatering, I will do a separate post on them another time!!

Red Fish Blue Fish
1006 Wharf Street in Victoria, British Columbia

This park is absolutely GORGEOUS! It's huge, popular and just super relaxing. I see all types of people here: a bunch of hippies playing guitar on a hill; kids and dogs with family at the beach, people who were jogging, hikers and more. Then there are people like myself and my friend who "car-hiked" We basically just droves the car from spots to spots to stare at the ocean. 

I LOVE STARING INTO THE OCEAN. I think I might've mentioned that several times.
ps, do you see that guy just chilling in the air with his parachute? What a life seriously!

Beacon Hill Park
100 Cook street, Victoria, British Columbia

After a nap, it was time to eat again! AHHAHA
My friend brought me to a restaurant called Bin 4! The coolest thing is their menu is HALF-PRICED after 9pm dine-in only. This WAS EPIC for us! I ordered Bin 104 - "The Angry Bull"... super spicy and super delicious!

Bin 4
180-911 Yates St, Victoria, BC V8V 4X3

That's a wrap!! I still have other photos from Victoria, which I plan to simply include as a photo diary post! These are pretty much my highlights, thanks for reading!