[TAIPEI TAIWAN] 光南大批發 Kuang Nan Wholesale Store

光南大批發 Kuang Nan Wholesale Store - Store Front

How come this guy wears a pink beats headphone!??!! 

If you normally love Daiso, buying make up or even enjoy dollar stores... you're going to FALL in LOVEEEE with what I'm going to introduce!

光南大批發 Kuang Nan Wholesale Store is basically a store with everything!!! 
From stationary to make up to household items to snacks and food. 

At the particular location I visited, they separated the categories by levels. They have over 15 stores all over Taiwan but I believe for visitors to the Taipei region, this location is most popular! I will be posting all their locations at the end of the post!

【台北店】 台北市許昌街40號  TEL/ 02-2311-0528  HOURS/10:00~22:30
【Taipei Store】No. 40, Xuchang St, Zhongzheng District Taipei City

Arrive at Taipei Main Station (台北火車站) - exit at Z4 which is the exit for Shin Kong Mitsukoshi (新光三越百貨) - walk towards the back of the building. You can't miss it.
I lived at a place that was two buildings behind so I dropped by on my way back every night! hahaha!

光南大批發 Kuang Nan Wholesale Store - 3rd level (beauty, accessories, snacks and socks)

I noticed the prices are cheaper than the outside Watsons, Cosmed and Sa Sa.
The only downside is that, you might see the brand there, the entire line might not be there. 
It's probably best to do a stroll in Watsons and Cosmed before stocking it up here so you can just have an idea before you buy. However, I noticed honestly, all the stuff I got was cheaper here than anywhere else!!

Two more things to note is that, I find their Sofina line was pretty good in here. 
Unless I see another place do a discount, I think the prices are EXTREMELY reasonable here!! 

Finally, remember to bring CASH here, they don't accept credit card or debit! 
For the amount you will be spending here, exchange more money!!!!

Other locations:
【台北店】 台北市許昌街40號 TEL/ 02-2311-0528【公館店】 台北市羅斯福路四段116號TEL/ 02-2365-3199【永和店】 新北市永和區永和路二段116號 TEL/ 02-2926-2079【三重店】 新北市三重市重新路二段69號 TEL/ 02-2988-2126【基隆店】 基隆市忠一路12號TEL/ 02-2429-2088【中壢店】 中壢市中山路100號TEL/ 03-426-9636【桃園店】 桃園市成功路一段21號 TEL/ 03-336-0999【新竹店】 新竹市民族路15號 TEL/ 03-522-0599【豐原店】台中市豐原區中正路145號 TEL/ 04-2515-4567【三民店】 台中市北區三民路三段125號 TEL/ 04-22252020【逢甲店】 台中市西屯區福星路427號B1 TEL/ 04-24518258、24518638【員林店】 彰化縣員林鎮中山路2段19號 TEL/ 04-838-3396【斗六店】 雲林縣斗六市民生路185號 TEL/ 05-537-5588【嘉義店】 嘉義市中山路476號 TEL/ 05-229-3505【北門店】 台南市北門路一段146號 TEL/ 06-228-5411【國寶園】 台南市北門路一段126號 TEL/ 06-224-4333【中山店】 高雄市中山一路285號TEL/ 07-286-4230【三多店】 高雄市三多三路224號 TEL/ 07-338-0166【新崛江店】高雄市新興區文橫一路17號TEL/07-282-1288【屏東店】 屏東市永福路31號 TEL/ 08-732-3266【潮州店】 屏東縣潮州鎮新生路63-1號 TEL/08-7801058【宜蘭店】 宜蘭市舊城東路42號 TEL/ 03-932-1088【花蓮店】 花蓮市中正路535號 TEL/ 03-833-3113

I will be uploading my haul next! Yay! =)
Don't miss it!!