[TAIPEI TAIWAN] ]臺北市 TRIP 2014 Itinerary + Photo Diary

Hey Everyone!!

I just came back from my vacation of 5 days to Taipei, Taiwan! I am super jet lagged right now - slept  the whole day and woke up at 7pm! This is way worse than my jet lag from my normal flight/work schedules!!

I want to blog as much as I can about my vacation! Not sure where to start right now so why don't I just pull a few pictures here and there while I start to organize everything first! (I still haven't started unpacking and I have work in a 2 days!! *ahhhh*)

Waiting to board the direct flight to Taipei, Taiwan! Super excited!! 
I haven't flown another airline in at least a year! I always fly Air Canada haha! 

So this is generally how an EVA Air aircraft looks like (in the Boeing 777)
I was in the Economy Class, they provide blanket, pillow and slippers.
The bottom left is how their First Class looks like. 

After 14 long hours, I arrived in Taipei!! I arrived at around 6am!

I cannot live without internet on my phone - especially when I'm travelling by myself. 
It's deadly important that I have access to all my friends and family at any given time. 
So I have to buy a phone card. There are phone card stores at the airport and it has a discount on mobile plans for visitors. You will need to provide your passport as proof. They open at 8am sharp - as for me, I went to 7/11 and charged my phone while I waited for them to open.

After the phone card, I went to buy my bus/shuttle tickets towards Taipei Main Station. 
It's where I'm staying. I bought the return tickets as well, thought it was more convenient.
The bus ride took about 30-45 minutes and the bus driver was really nice!
Be aware though, most of them can't speak English! 
If you don't know Chinese, make sure you do all your research before you go! 

During this Taipei trip, I travelled on 4 different methods of transportation and really absorbed as much as I can like a local haha! I tried the subway (pictured above), bus, trains, and their taxi!

They opened an innisfree store near where I stayed and everyday I walk past oppa... *hearts*
He's my utmost favourite Korean actor!! LEE MIN HO!!! *marry me*

How can you come to Taiwan and not HOARD on their sheet masks???!?!?!?!
Compared to Hong Kong Bloggers, I'm pretty sure this was nothing! hahaha 

EVA Air, 你們也太可愛了吧!* 
雖然今次無緣坐hello kitty機 (因為太想回家,不想在洛杉磯轉機),希望下次會啦! 
You guys are too cute!! Too bad won't be flying on the Hello Kitty plane because I miss home and don't want to connect in LAX, hopefully next time!!

DAY 1 - Arrived, NeoSoho, Ximending (西門町),  Station Underground Mall (台北地下街), Paris Strawberry (巴黎草莓) 
DAY 2 - Beauty Consultation, Barbie Cafe, Jiefen (九份)
DAY 3 - Dongmen (東門), Dazzling, 士林夜市
DAY 4 -  Ximending (西門町), Mirada (美華泰生活館),  (紅樓)
DAY 5 - Beitou (北投)
DAY 6 - Ximending (西門町), Airport to Leave Taipei

I made up most of my itinerary as I go.. I guess that's the pleasure of travelling by yourself. 
I went at my own pace, visited places again if I miss it. Woke up whenever I wanted and just sat around pointlessly to rest or to enjoy myself. 

In the future Taipei, Taiwan posts, I will be going in depth on some of the attractions and my hauls (prices were pretty amazing!) Don't go away! *muahhh*