REVIEW: Garnier The Fructis Damage Eraser

I sure am. Even before my big chop of 10 inches+ of hair, I do everything possible to damage my hair. Not to mention, I also bleach dyed my hair countless times over the years. Now that I chopped it off, I've been experimenting different hairstyles and believe it, the heat my hair endured is probably more than my frying pan.  I'm surprised my hair is still attached to my head. 

I am guilty of applying too much heat to my hair. I have dry and damaged hair. 

Garnier has developed the Fructis Damage Eraser that can reconstruct your hair's strength by 90%. I was provided these samples which is good for about 3-5 washes. I was told that the results will be evident in just 1-2 washes! Challenge Accepted!  Included in this NEW hair care product line are the Damage Eraser Shampoo and Conditioner and the Strength Reconstructing Butter.  I decided to give it a try because WHY NOT?! 

Love Your Hair Reason 1
49% of Canadian women will experience hair loss by age 35. It's almost impossible to hide hair loss or hair thinning. Conditioning from the root is one of the easiest and best thing you can do for your hair! 

Love Your Hair Reason 2

Hair is like a blessing to women, it is even mentioned in the Bible. See verse: 1 Corinthians 11:15 
From the Aramaic Bible in Plain English, "And whenever a woman grows her hair, it is a glory to her, because her hair is given to her in place of a covering." Although there are many versions and we can get different perspectives from it. All in all, hair is one of my protective shields. I get confidence when my head is healthy and sexyyy heheh :) Treat your hair with love!!

Love My Hair Reason 3

Okay, this is super personal but I'm not married and I don't see myself dying with no kids or as a single woman forever.  I want to be attractive in men's eyes, too
I think it's common knowledge by now that men likes woman with beautiful hair but I like factual things so here are some facts for you I got from UK's Telegraph

#1: 72 percent of men voted that shiny hair is more attractive than hair without gloss.
#2: Men prefers au naturale. More than a third of men said they hate it when women have perfectly groomed hair, preferring soft, touchable hair instead.
#3: 43% of men prefer hair that is naturally thick, long, and wavy. The next hairstyle they prefer is long and straight locks.

My hair just went through another box-dye experience so it's pretty dry and can be dull sometimes. It's really frizzy straight out of the shower. Luckily I don't have split ends because I chopped it all off. 
My hair in these picture are two days old and I just worked 8 hours on the plane, yea gross

It's the first product to use out of the new collection, I like the scent and it does a great job cleaning my hair. It doesn't strip away all my natural oils in my hair, during the rinse, my hair is not dry and tangled up. 

I was pretty shocked that the conditioner is so buttery! I expected a creamier texture to the shampoo but this was exceptional. I can feel a big difference to my hair instantly. Since it's more buttery, you can use this as a mask too. I really like that I took the time to also massage my sculpt so the conditioner can do all its reconstruction work :) For my hair, I think this does a really good job. However, if you have sever, damaged hair, I highly recommend you to try the Garnier The Fructis Damage Eraser - Repairing Mask. *below*

A must have if you want to repair severely damaged hair. I got great results from it and my hair is nice and shiny! It only took 3-5 minutes for the wait, and during that time, I showered and did a nice body scrub. I think it's a nice, mini pampering you can give to yourself :) 

My hair is so shinyyyyyyy!!! :)
I think the results speaks for itself. Hair is well behaved, soft and full of volume :)

Go try it out!! There're limited time trial offers available and you don't want to miss them!
I found lots of awesome coupons, now who doesn't like a sweet deal?!
Go Go GO!!

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