Hair Makeover: Trying out the L'Oreal Paris Feria Wild Ombre

With my crazy flying schedule, I'd be lucky if I can even attend an event nowadays. Thanks to L'Oreal's PR team and my beloved Margaret, she was able to play around it and made sure I can make it despite my last minute flight changes! Seriously, mad love to you ladies!! 

The #MyOmbre event was held by L'Oreal Paris and at Eric's Salon (Del Monaca Hair Studio). It's conveniently located within Toronto's Entertainment District... I was able to feed myself with some Burito Boys before heading over. So important to make sure you're nicely fed before hair appointments (some takes hours)!! 

I'm pretty impressed with my before photo despite working 3 flights already that morning and afternoon and walked in the rain! =P

As you can see, my hair looks like I have ombre already. It's actually a natural ombre, my hair faded. 
Remember a long long time ago when I had blonde, ash, light brown hair? I dyed it black for work last year and since then my hair just kept fading. I've been getting trim here and there, so most of my FRIED-blonde-dyed-black-and-faded hair are gone. 

I want my ends to look more healthy, more vibrant and fun! All in all, without damaging my roots.
This seems like the perfect opportunity to try out the L'Oreal Paris Feria Wild Ombre in Ombre Red R50!! 

After my consultation with Eric, Official Hair artist and colorist for L’Oréal Paris in Canada, he thinks this red will look fabulous on me and thinks that the ombre will have no problem going on my hair. 

Off I went with the dying process. 
The mixture was originally white, then it turned orange like salad dressing, and finally red.

During the 30 minutes wait time, I took goofy pictures hahah! 
What do you guys do when you're waiting for your hair to be processed??

After the wash and an amazing mini head massage by Eric (I told him, I could die now).
Got my hair blown out and curled and TA-DA!!!

At first I was looking forward to having something REALLY red but now that I look at it...
More and more I find that this is the best result for me. I think the colour is interesting enough for me to feel different and yet - something I can accept personally and for work.

Thank you Eric!! Your magical hands and experience never disappoints =)
Your salon is beautiful!!

Before I finish writing this post...
♫♪♫ let me take a #selfie ♫♪♫