Sneak Peak: Garnier Ultra-Lift Transformer

Super cool! Last week I received a mystery package from Garnier Canada. It's basically a box and I can't open it! All I see was a piece of paper with instructions telling me to plug it into my computer.

So I did that and I was prompted to a presentation! 
Omg, so high tech wtf!? Press kits has gotten to this degree now?!!?

During the presentation, I was asked a few question about first impressions of the product. 
So I took a picture of the Summary of my Feedback =)

Here is the swatch of the product and within seconds of me blending the product on my hand, it transformed! Unfortunately, after a few minutes, it remained the same colour so I didn't proceed to testing out the product on my face.

The box finally opened after about half way through the presentation, super cool!
It has lights inside and it makes the perfect lighting for pictures seriously!

More info on the product:

Although I have yet to test out over time results, I have been a bit disappointed with the instant result of  the "auto-adjusting" colour factor.  

I started seeing this product in stores already today and it retails for $18.97 CAD in Walmart. There's a sample tube for you to test it out and I highly recommend you to test out the shade before purchasing or else you may be disappointed like myself.