Hi Sparklies!!

Sorry I've been very very very MIA over the last month. Well, okay, especially last month. I've taken a month long vacation to rest from work and also to celebrate my birthday! I visited London, UK with my mom and Tokyo, Japan with a close friend of mine. If you have been following my instagram, I'm sure you have been seeing of my adventures. It's more updated than my blog, I must admit..shamefully.

Now, coming home I feel like I'm having the biggest vacation withdrawal of LIFE! I miss waking up to tapping on my Oyster card and Suica card.. I'm now tapping the useless Presto card. The area I live in, I need to drive everywhere to get to some kind of civilization. And honestly, why are there ALWAYS dishes in the sink to wash?!?!?! REALITY SUCKS. I miss vacations.

Worst of all is realizing all the money I've spent. If only, our bank accounts can grow geometrically.
I just feel like this month is my ultimate money pouring month. My ancient MacBook Pro has certified death, there's just no more point in fixing it. When I was in Tokyo, one of my memory cards just died out of nowhere.. and yea TONS of my vacation photos and vlogs are in there, so now I need to find a data recovery specialist to take a look at it. My teeth hurt, that calls for dentist appointments - CA CHING! Of course, how can you buy nothing in London and Tokyo right? They are both world-leading fashion cities! I have been preparing for an amazing haul post though I think a vlog post is more effective haha! 

So now you know, I'm a very whiny and lazy person so that blurb up there just sums up my thoughts right now this very minute. On a brighter note, I don't regret any of my buys overseas! I love the stuff I bought as they are high in "coordination", going through some crazy mix and matching and rematches and remixes! #FashionFun!

Jacket by one way (sold out in Shibuya)
Sweater from Zara (old)
Skirt by spiga
Leggings by Old Navy
Socks from Air Canada First Class Amenities Pack (I'm in LOVE with these right now)
Shoes from Primark
Bag from Dynamite

Outfit shot in American Apparel Warehouse Sale. I didn't want to bare the cold outside to pose, heh.