Lisa's Cosmetics Sale Fall Winter 2013 & Haul

Hi Sparklies!!

I feel like its been a while since I posted anything about the sale so I figured I'll pay a visit and also share some new interesting findings this time around! During this sale, I found some new brands that joined in including: Anna Sui, Stila and China Glaze!

 Nov 23 - 26, 29 - 30
Dec 1-2, 6-9

 SAT 9-6PM; SUN 10-6PM; MON, TUE, FRI 10-8PM

1380 Rodick Rd, Markham, ON CANADA L3R 4G5

If you are looking for more details and fuller coverage, don't forget to check out my previous post here:
Sorry for the poor quality of these photos! All original pictures from my iPad since my computer is down and I'm super sick right now! Just wanted to be as quick as possible :) hopefully this will help you with your shopping plans! :) 

Anna Sui items and prices:

I had such a hard time resisting these, but I honestly have wayyy too many blushes!

These are super mini, so in my opinion I don't find these are good deal at all! They should come down to like $3.

Note: These powders are sold separately from the case!

LOVEEEE!! Great deal and I think these are great colours too! 


The selection isn't the best but the price is pretty good. Good luck finding your favourite shade =)




Yes, the sale actually sells a lot of household items so I just stocked up on a bit of my essentials. I highly recommend you to know your prices before going into the sale! I saw a women who was hunting for Bio Oil thinking it was a great deal when really, it's the same price as outside! (why the hustle??)

Another tip is, if you're into perfumes and don't mind too much about packaging, go for the Tester Bottles. I tend to purchase these tester bottle ones and you will see that in my previous hauls too! They are at least $10 cheaper than their warehouse price and it's usually the best value! I mean, I'm only missing the cap for my perfume in most cases! Some includes the cap but it will say tester somewhere on the packaging. (At least it's authentic)

Haul Prices:
Kotex $2.49 each
Lancome Make Up Remover $1.99 each
Anna Sui Lipsticks $10.99 each
Revlon Nail Polish $1.99 each
Sally Hansen Nail Polish $0.99 each
Stila Foundation $12.99 each (the best deal ever!! Retails for $57)
Pink Sugar Perfume Tester Bottle $20 (Retails for $70)

I can't believe I'm posting this before my IMATS 2013 post! *sigh, I'm getting there seriously!
Thanks so much for reading and happy shopping!! :)