[HONG KONG, CHINA] Eat Together 大家食

Hi Sparklies!!

I'm craving for the yummy noodles I had at this restaurant so here I am reviewing and sharing it with you :)

Back in August, I got a chance to fly over to Hong Kong as one of my flight. I didn't stay very long because it was work related so I hung out with my sister and my niece, then met up with my cousin!

This is a new find for me, my sister and my niece took me to this place to eat knowing I love spicy noodles. I was sooooo hungry after working for over 15 hours and still haven't slept one bit.

Who saids flight attendants looks amazing after a 16 hour flight?
I look like a sick zombie.. well, being sick was true! 
On the return flight, my (minor) cold blew up into a full on fever and I also lost my voice.

Anyway, check out my niece! She learned to use chopsticks to pick up noodles!! :)
Such a cutie - my pride and joy!

The cool thing about "Eat Together" is that their menu allows you to customize your bowl of noodles.
#1 Pick your noodle type. (FYI, they are famous for their first option: 手攪麵)
#2 Pick your soup base (which sets out your base price for your bowl of noodles)
#3 You pick all your toppings and the prices are all listed there too
#4 Options to make it into a meal!

Here is how my bowl of noodles look like!

Okay, me being a somewhat lazy blogger, I managed to still research the name for this yummy addition: 辣炸菜 (Sour and Spicy Veggie)

My overall experience has been pretty good, the food came super fast and it was really fresh. They are really known for their noodles no joke, absolutely delicious! Staff are not very patient and not flexible but not enough to piss me off so it's okay. At these type of Hong Kong style resturants, don't expect hotel grade service. So that leads us to the tipping, it is not necessary at all unless you feel the need to. The culture in Hong Kong is not the same as Europe or North America, you can take all the change with no guilt. Finally the pricing is very affordable, a full meal cost only $25 aorund $50 HKD max.

Happy Eating :)

Address : 473 Shang Hai Street, Mong Kok  
Tel : 2771 9818  
Work Hours : 24 hours
Feel free to go to their website to check out all their Franchise locations.