Wish List: 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Mini

Hi Sparklies!

I must be crazy or maybe all these #3.1PhillipLimForTarget thing is getting to me! I'm loving his designs! I read up on Purse Forum that some luxury bag buyers are super disappointed because now their bags looks like Target ones and didn't get their worth. While others are saying, it's a great thing because you can get a taste of the real thing and catching on with the trend without having to break your piggy bank savings!

So, I decided to actually go through 3.1 Phillip Lims bags just to take a look. I actually really really like the shape. It's very similar to Celine without the same price tag!  And there are tons of colours and variations so as long as you're not buying the exact colour like black and mustard yellow, I'm sure people can tell the difference.

Sorry if you did purchase Black though, it's bloody similar!

Just loving the Mini sizes and how cute these designs are!! The Black Berry is just soooo cute!! 
I think I normally like to wear mini satchels or crossover on a daily because I don't carry that much stuff with me when I go out in Toronto.  

I thought about the Medium and the Large sizes, however, I think the Large is too bid for my body frame. 
It looks awkward, a lesson I learned from my Balanciaga Papier Tote to be honest. 
The Medium size is perfect for my body, my top two pick is in Crimson ($889.90 CAD) and the 

My fave colour here is clearly the Cobalt! It annoys me that it's sold out! 
I've been kinda obsessed with cobalt purses this whole year. 
Anyone know if I can purchase that at Holt Renfrew instead? 
 I didn't have any green purses so the Jade might be a nice colour to add to my collection. 
Finally I thought the Black White is super easy to match clothes :)

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