Photo Diary: Canadian National Exhibition 2013

The Flying Wallendas @4:30pm
I was very impressed with it, I saw with my bare eyes how they were trembling to balance and they didn't fail at all! With that said, it's CRAZY how they can balance on that!! 

Tic Toc: Acrobatic Show @5pm
To be very honest, I find that this was the most breathtaking act I saw because I think this was the most most most difficult to do! I think it's because I've seen plenty of acrobatic shows in the past from cruises and Cirque de Soleil, they rest seemed too typical. However, for one flat rate of the admission ticket, being able to see this is pretty awesome :)  

International Sand Sculpting Competition
I always enjoy checking this particular exhibit at The Ex! I've tried to built several sand castles in the past on beaches and it was obviously an epic fail! These are just stunning and I urge everyone to check this out if they are there =) 

Food Truck Frenzy
There were several Food Trucks right at Princes' Blvd (in front of Allstream Centre & direct Energy Centre). I swear JC and I walked up and down this street like 5 times to finally narrow it down to what I wanted to try out. The price is a little high in my opinion but I guess they do need to make money after all. 

We bought this thing from Food Dudes:

It was pretty good actually! $8 

As you may know, this year's CNE had news about food poisoning.
So, we were very cautious about what we're putting into our mouths! 

Then, I saw my friend who was working at the Canadian Forces area! 
I honestly do not understand what he does because he's just chilling everywhere hahahah

He gave me a ride so I don't have struggle and walk around in my heels. 
I swear he drove so fast I was about to fall off! LOLLOL (I sat in the back seat by the way) it was really fun though!!

Found a booth that featured Mega Bloks. They're like lego so it's pretty cool!
I sat in to take a picture :) Notice how I switched heels?
I was in pain after watching around in 4 inch heels so I decided to buy a pair for 
ONLY $3 from Blue Notes Warehouse Sale which was inside The Ex as well! 

This whimsical and engaging exhibit, which is the fastidious work of Yuri and Katrin Shumakov, features a 1.3 meter high CN Tower and other notable Toronto landmarks.

This was very very unique to look at! I don't even know why this amused me so much! I just love it!! 

Rib Fest
There were about 4-5 booths there and the decision was super easy. 
We went to the one that had the longest line up! 
I swear I'm a loser to mass people psychology.. if there're people there, it can't be that bad! 

Finally we decided to walk back instead of taking the Sky Ride because I'm a poor blogger! haha
The lights are beautiful :)

Of course, grabbing my favourite smoked corn before I left! 
I never leave CNE or any food festivals or carnivals without this! 

Sorry guys, I'm posting this a bit after CNE is closed! I didn't get my media passes in time so I had to rearrange my flying schedule buy tickets myself *sigh
Made sure I dropped by in the last couple of days before it closed, so everything got delayed! :(
I was instagram-ing it non-stop while I was there though!! :)

Have you gone to CNE this year?!