Caryl Baker Visage Notorious Beauty Fall 2013

Hi Sparklies!

Caryl Baker Visage just launched their Fall 2013 Make Up Collection - Notorious Beauty! 
It was super fun because they even sent me a bag of popcorn to munch on while I type this blog post up! *yums*

This is a print-screen of all the looks you're able to do with their newest fall collection!

Eyeshadow Trio Palette: Silhouette, Sabotage, Smoldering

Eyeshadow Trio Palette: "Shadow of a Doubt"
Available Shades:
Greens (), Browns (Silhouette, Sabotage, Smoldering), Plums ()
Price: Regular $18; Beauty Club $16.20

Lip Liner: Desire

Lip Liner: "Lines of Deception"
Available Shades: Desire, Berry Brown, Brick, Blackberry
Price: Regular $15; Beauty Club $13.50

Blush: Dial M For “Makeup”

Blush: "Leading into Temptation"
Available Shades: To Catch A “Blush”, Dial M For “Makeup”
Price: Regular $22.50; Beauty Club $20.25

Lipgloss: Corruption

Lipgloss: "Give them the Slip"
Available Shades: Corruption, confession, Illusion, Suspicion
Price: Regular $17.50; Beauty Club $15.75

I'm personally loving the dark mysterious sexiness with the collection! 
I also love the high 60's glamour that this collection has themed itself with! 
Can't wait to play with the products and create some looks! =))