[ST JOHN'S CANADA] Traveling to Newfie-land!

Hello Sparklies!!

Just wanted to fill you in on my travel adventures in the last little bit! I feel like I'm always catching up because everyday has been flying by! :) I'm truly loving my life right now (well, excuse my last post, not going to let that get into my mood for this post)! 

I think it was highschool grade 10 when I last traveled to St. John's, Newfoundland! This time around, I was traveling mostly alone and didn't have a lot of time so it was a quick stroll! I'm sure I'll be covering more when I come back next time! 

This was my view from my hotel (Delta), it was situated in Downtown, St John's which was very convenient to go everywhere!! 
(walkable distance to many tourist destinations) 

I was lucky to have came on a beautiful day, I chatted with locals and some told me normally they have more gloomy weathers in summer!

These pictures are taken when I was walking towards The Rooms. Their roads are always going up and down, up and down. 
It was SUCH a workout.... I'm like the whiniest person when it comes to physical exercises (sports/games don't count).

Another thing I noticed was that there are many churches and memorial statues, which are closely tied to our Canadian history! I don't want to bore you but I find this interesting because it's pretty different from Toronto! At one point, in every corner I turned!!  

On the way I saw the Basilica Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. I wanted to go inside but that day, they were closed due to some minor flood or something. So many next time!! :)

Basilica Cathedral of St. John

I struggled so much doing selfies of myself and the building so I'll reattach a photo from my instagram

At last, I got to The Rooms! It's a museum/exhibit/gallery all in one place. There are many rooms in there. I will be writing a separate post on it! :) It has a great view as it is located at one of the highest peaks in St John's. So the view looking down to the water is amazing!! I ate lunch there and it was breathtaking! Like I said, definitely a whole post dedicated to that :)

After touring The Rooms, I walked all the way back down to the Downtown area and I was walking around George Street (it's a bar and lounge street, great night life stuff!). I noticed this as I was walking around:

Met up with my colleague for dinner and we went to The Keg (135 Harbour Dr  St John's, NL A1C 6N6) which is right in front of the waters! 
It was very awesome because I had lunch looking at the view from above then I had the view right in front of me as well!

My friends were like.. "YOU CAN'T MISS THE LOBSTERS" and so I got myself some lobsters! 
It was lobster season and because they are so close to the waters. It's super FRESH!

My 2 pound lobster with veggies. 
It was filling, super delicious and not going to lie, it was kinda pricy! 
Oh well, gotta treat myself once in a while :)

wow I look so exhausted, and I was! I walked soooooo much that day! holy moly.


Alrighty, I'll end it off here for now! Be sure not to miss my next St John's post about The Rooms :)
It was actually highly recommended by the hotel staff for me to visit and I personally loved it!
Thanks for reading :)!!