My Nail Swatch Organization

Hi Sparklies!!

I'm so excited to show you my Nail Swatch Organization. I guess this is probably a good post for nail polish freaks, beauty bloggers and just girls with OCD (a little bit like me). To be very honest, I think I'm a combination of all 3 to some degree so LET'S GET STARTED!

For the longest time, I used Nail Art Wheels because I bought them for my Gel Colours (Yes, I do my own Gel Nails). However, I eventually got lazy and used another system for gel colour swatches so I thought alright, let's use it for polishes since I always test out the colour on a piece of paper before applying. Or, I would spend so much time just picking one colour because I can be so indecisive! 

I started numbering and sticking number labels to all my polishes and I organized it by COLOUR. 
As more and more polishes came in the mail for reviews or hauls from make up sales, I started noticing a few problems. 


1) Overload of a Single colour
I have an obsession with purchasing Red, Pink and Purple nail polishes. I guess I was testing out which shade works best for my skin tone. However, it turns out, I ran out of space on the wheel!! There are only 20 spaces on each wheel

2) Not enough Polishes of One Colour Group
For my Yellows, Blues, Greys and others, it's just not enough to fill the wheel and it looks super odd

3) Numbering System
My numbering system has flaws, if I lose the bottle, I would have no idea what brand and name it is.

4) Grouping Colour by Light to Dark Shades
It's impossible to group dark reds to bright reds or shiny reds etc. The wheel is stationed, I don't have the flexibility to move colours around. It's a true pain to remove if I make a mistake on the colour wheel

5) Losing/Misplacing Wheels
I've experienced this, and it's extremely frustrating. Sometimes I brainstorm blog posts and I think oh I wanna showcase these colours etc etc. So I put them aside, then let's say I have another story I want to write or show friends... I CAN'T FIND THEM! Well, I guess this is more of a personal problem since not everyone is as messy as I am. but still...

6) Can't Compare Colors
Previously, cracking finish was a huge hit and I was trying to find different combinations all the time! Same with cute glitter on top of creme colours! However, with wheels, it's very hard to compare colours side by side or one on top of the other. 

7) Blog/Garage Sales and Donating/Gifting
I sometimes get rid of my polishes using the above ways. With the wheels, I can't just erase the spot because it makes the surface really ugly and everything just becomes a mess! 

Alright with all these issues, I started reading nail polish blogs back in March. I wish I had bookmarked them because I wanna reference/give credit back to these wonderful bloggers!!! 


The new idea is to use Swatch Sticks instead. 

I bought 4 bags of 50 x Swatch Sticks of eBay.
My search words are "50 nail art stick"
I also made sure there was a screw that came with it and that they are the shape and colour that I wanted. 
There are milk color shades, and some are more c curved shaped than squares like mine. 
So it's really your personal preference.
Altogether, it was $10.92 USD for all 4 bags free shipping ($2.73 each). 
I figured I'll just purchase more so I'll afford higher prices later and buying the wrong shades.

I honestly feel like all my Nail Wheel problems are now solved!
Everything is super organized, I know what I have, I even went to the extremes of keeping a nail polish inventory on Excel. I print little labels for them. I mean, afterall, I do blog and compare colours etc so I feel like this is necessary for me :)

I'm not going to lie, the process takes a long time but it's nice to do when I'm watching dramas or just feeling like doing nothing, then I do the swatching =)

I usually do 2-3 coats, then a cheap top coat to seal it.

At this point, I'm still grouping by colour, but since I have 4 metal rods, so I really easily just regroup into other things such as glitters or brands etc etc.
I feel like I still have a long way to go, but I'm loving it so far =)

ps, told you I have way too many reds!!

Anyway, how do you organize??
Let me know :) Thanks for reading!!