GIVEAWAY WINNER: eBay $100 Gift Certificate

Hi Sparklies!! 

Thank you thank you thank you for all of your entries!! I am still in disbelief at the amount of effort you guys are willing to put into this giveaway! It's CRAZY!! I love every single one of these entries and I will be replying each one! 

I read them day by day and some of them reminded me of my high school memories! *love it*

It was very very very hard to pick the winner, I did find one that was closely relatable and I feel so flattered to be able inspire her so much! 

Here is the Winner's entry.. is it yours?!!?!

Her #MyMix

At first I was like aww, darn it, it was passed the deadline for the giveaway but then it turns out it was a faulty disqus thing and it does that it was posted 9 days ago... so YAY!!


Thank you so much for entering and I'm very happy to be able to inspire you in my random weird ways! Please email me as soon as you can within 24 hours so I can connect you with the eBay people for your gift certificate!!! congrats again! 

Thank you everyone once again for entering, there are still tons of giveaway coming your way so don't give up!! =D