[SPARKLY LIST] Gifts from Hokkaido, Japan

Hi Sparklies!!

Recently a special friend of mine as a surprise brought me back a lot of cool stuff from Hokkaido, Japan! They went on a trip and thought of me, super duper sweet!!! ♥♥

And honestly, as I was researching these products, I started to not only see how amazing the reviews were, but they were really expensive! I never realized!! my goodness, I better treat them dinner or something!  

ps, Not all the products came with a website I can easily look up, so I spent hours trying to translate and research *oh dear* I hope this is going to be useful for those traveling to Hokkaido in the future and plans to purchase these goodies =D

Horse Oil has been long known for being effective with dry, chapped and cracking skin.  Since this cream is blended and medicated with a urea, coenzyme Q10, hyaluronic acid, and collagen; it helps to retain moisture and to keep skin with youthful firmness. With repeated use, it rapidly increase the soft fluffy feeling of your skin. Great to be used on face, hands and body. 

Another Hong Kong site that sells this product is here.
The many uses of Horse Oil here (in Chinese)

This facial cleanser is to not only clean your skin but it will also remove dead skin cells and dry flaky skin. Use on cleaned skin and gently massage until you begin to see "eraser dust" and flaky comes out. Rinse with water and skin is smooth immediately. Since the product is combined with moisturizing ingredients such as super hyaluronic acid and coenzyme Q10, its very moisturizing and you will begin feeling dramatic results after 1-2 times a week. Helps with dullness of skin.  (Smells like lavender)

3) UV Water Cream Q10 SPF 15 PA ++ ¥4200 (80g)
From my research, it seems like all the reviews and shop owners has very high evaluations of this product! I'm extremely excited to try it out. It is exclusively found in Hokkaido, Japan however, you can slowly find this on eBay etc.  I had a lot of trouble finding the original place to purchase this item, if you find it please let me know! 

Q10 UV Water Cream is a high-performance beauty cream with six efficiencies in one. It protects skin from UV rays and the natural beautifying ingredients moisturize leading to moist skin with a high level of transparency through continuous use.  Immediate whitening: Special skincare for whitening and skin beautifying! Immediately covers spots and freckles! Make Up Base: Affer apply, leave around 5-7 mins before make-up.  Apply proper amount on the face and body after shower/bath. For the very dry skin, can apply more amount.   Apply every 2-3 hours when under the hot sun.  
Main ingredients includes Hot spring water, Coenzyme Q10, Hyaluronic acid, Hinokj (Japanese cypress) thiol  

1) Hokkaido Corn Soup  (おいしい北海道 コーンスープ)
There are 8 packets of 16g of Corn Soup Powder. The instructions saids to mix it with 150 ml of hot water to create a yummy butter flavoured corn soup! This is perfect for my job when I need to stay over at some random hotel or city!

2) リかけ 鮭 北海道で育つた情熱の味 Salmon Seaweed Seasoning for Ramen
This was the hardest one to find, I can't find anything in English on it! 
I just googled Japanese words by literally translating things (I don't know any Japanese)! 
I menaged to somehow enter enough stuff into Google to identify the place my friends purchased this from below:
Store: (株)北海道観光物産興社 Address: 札幌市白石区南郷通15丁目北6-18

This is SOOOO YUMMY! I love mixing this in every noodle thing I have! Must buy! 

This is a souvenir from the ISHIYA Chocolate Factory in Sapporo
The Dark Chocolate is paired with Blueberry
Milk Chocolate paired with Caramel
White Chocolate paired with Marron

4) Baked Goods 焼菓子 from Iwase Farm Milk Sable of Sunagawa, Hokkaido
This was actually cookies individually wrapped that tasted like milk cookies. I don't find it particularly interesting but I think the packaging was super cute! I've been bringing these to work when I'm hungry. The fact that it's individually wrapped makes it convenient for me! After checking out the site for the farm, I made a mental note to visit =)

I've never been to Hokkaido, Japan! 
All the goodies makes me wanna go there RIGHT NOW!
Have you been? and What item are you most interested in!??!! 
Please let me know in the comments below!! :)