Hello Sparklies!

I know I'm rather horrible with my consistency for my outfit posts. It's not that I don't dress at all, it's just I guess, fashion has taken quite a different form for me. I want to take fashion outfits with a scenery... actually to be precise, travel fashion posts.  Living where I live in Toronto, I can't exactly achieve that but I know in due time, I'll be able to do that as I fly to more places around the world :)

As you can see my from the title of this post, I'm a little bit in my chain of thoughts and pool of emotions.  Recently, I suffered from an injury, which is now no longer a surprise to my friends since I posted a picture of my secondary burn on my personal facebook. Many of my dear friends commented and some even visited me personally at home. I'm currently recovering and actually testing various product that would minimize the scarring. It's on my leg and it's rather hard to miss.

It's very upsetting because the incident is definitely something that can be avoided if I had been better informed or had better cooperation/response from the staff at that immediate moment. The company is a family business of my (not very close) friend and still I tried not make it a big deal by not posting the name of the company etc. However, from the day of the incident to today, I 've been evaluating the whole thing. I feel like A LOT can be done better and I feel that the "compensation" they offered is VERY LITTLE compared to the scar and the level of inconveniences I had to endure.  It had impacted my work, my lifestyle, and so much more! 

Currently, I'm debating whether or not to blog about it. 
Here are some thoughts:

1) for me to publicly blog about it, will mean I will finally disclose the name of the company; which also means, that's the end of the friendship

2) I know I'm not a HUGE, WIDELY known Toronto Blogger (at least I don't find myself one) but I feel that it's something I do want to spread the word on so others won't need to go through what I had to go through

3) I don't want to appear like I'm a whiney, princessy person. However, the amount of distress is really big on me personally. I've been extremely upset since the incident. (I haven't instagramed, tweeted, or facebook updated a lot.. just really bummed out)

4) I just feel really upset through out the whole thing, I don't feel that I have been properly compensated at this point. And the speed of their response, I don't sense any urgency whatsoever.

5) They clearly know I'm a blogger, again, I'm not saying I have a tsunami effect for influence but I don't think I'm invisible. Do I look like I'm THAT accommodating when I'm HURT AND SCARRED?! By the way, I have a lot of picture evidence and my friend was there to witness it all too.

Please let me know what you think. If I'm going to do anything, it's going to be within the month. =/
 *big sigh*


ZARA Leather Threadwork Blazer (old)
White Laser Cut top from Hong Kong
Faux Leather Leggings from Hong Kong
Bodyline Boots from Japan (old)
Handmade bag from  "Old Town of Lijiang" (麗江古城). My mom brought this for me when she came back from her trip to the Province of Yunnan in China.