Seeing Mr Christian Louboutin in front of us!!! The Exhibition VIP Opening Night

I was super super super happy when the VIP Opening Night tickets to the Christian Louboutin Exhibition landed in my mailbox!!! In the invitation, it says the one and only Mr Christian Louboutin (the designer) will be in attendance! OOOOOOOMMMMMGGGGGGG!!!

I was so excited, I told all my friends and I even pulled together my outfit then...

*ring ring ring*

I was called to work. #LifeOfAFlightAttendant

I literally started crying because I was so bummed out. (I couldn't even put contacts in my eyes for my flight - wore glasses) But work comes first right? 
Thank God, JC was still willing to attend for me (he's a fashion geek at heart, you guys have no idea how happy he was to be there)

Turns out later I found out that these tickets were actually available for purchase at $175 or $150 for DX members at Are these tickets worth it?  You get to see Mr. Christian Louboutin in person! You tell me :)

This is the lower level, where you can get a complimentary tasting of Grand Marnier® signature cocktails at the opening reception.  It's decorated with signature Louboutin shoes. super cute!!

This is the Merry Go Round shoe display. Features really couture shoes and Christian Louboutin's picture was on top of the display!

I've always wanted a beaded pair of shoes, these are absolutely perfect!

This pair reminds me of Chinese traditional weddings! Love the Chinese accent in the design!

JC can't believe such a famous person was in front of him - world famous, celebrities around the world wears his shoes and CL is the ICON of the Fashion World. I still cannot believe I missed this omg.

Mr Christian Louboutin was surrounded by fans and people taking pictures of him like JC haha. It was literally impossible to get close to him because everywhere he went, there's a huge mop of people circling him. He gave off a very down to earth feeling even though he's so famous - SO HARD TO find nowadays!! 

This section of the exhibition talks about The History of Christian Louboutin. He had humble beginnings just like any ordinary designer without wealthy or famous influences. It demonstrated his work before he got to build a name for himself, what he was doing before he was famous and how he made his first shoe. It talked about his entire life and has many of his photographs from the past! Very interesting!!  It's much cooler to see this than go through the flawed wikipedia! haha

This is the part of the exhibition where it show cases the raw materials Christian Louboutin used to design shoes. For example, where he gets his ideas, how he draws, his initial sketches and much more.

This is part of the "Runway" part of the exhibition where it was lined up with various different shoes! 
They were super special, such as shoes which are all blinged up with crystals, pink/white furry shoes, and funky shaped shoes etc. On the wall, there was a screen display and every half hour, there's a video! (JC wasn't able to focus though because he was always doing something there!)

Another section of the exhibition which surrounds the topic of "fetish". Since there are no picture or videos allowed, JC describes that it was because there were explicit contents such as naked women with the shoes. In JC's words "I saw boobies and pussy hair pictures... so funny"

HAHAHAHAHA boys will be boys

This is the flats section of the mens section! JC was very in love with this. 

More shoes! These ones are very special and unique. As you can see some has animal elements such as snake skins and there are also some with cultural aspects. One in particular, the heel of the show was made of a Guniness beer (bottle?)! 

In celebration of the opening gala, Shu Uemura has created 15 pairs of unique limited edition false eyelashes, "Rouge et Noir".  Kakuyasu Uchiide, Shu Uemura's international creative director, designed the limited edition lashes inspired by the showgirl theme featured in the exhibition. You can find these lashes at the Beauty Bar  (3rd floor) 

Also on the 3rd floor is the FLARE photobooth and the VIP lounge. JC waited more than an hour in order to get into this area! holy!! There were free make up touch up by a team of shu uemeura artists

Open: JUNE 21 TO SEPTEMBER 15, 2013
Sunday - Wednesday 10AM - 6PM Thursday - Saturday 10AM - 9PM
Prices: Adults $22, Seniors & Students $18
Location: Design Exchange, 234 BAY STREET, TORONTO
BONUS GIFT: As a thank you for purchasing your LOUBOUTIN Exhibition ticket, you will receive a 12 issue subscription to Flare - Canada’s Fashion Magazine compliments of DX!