REVIEW: Red Cherry Lashes [Lots of Pix]

Hey Sparklies!! 

It's been a long long time since I've done any false eyelashes review! Sorry for the delay, friends! I'm honestly working really hard to catch up with everything right now! 

I received a package of Red Cherry Lashes from to try on! They were really generous to let me chose 6 pairs of anything including individual lashes so that's why I had 5 pairs and 1 box of the individual lashes. The delivery look merely a week for me and they came just in time before I headed off for my vacation in Miami + Cruise back in April! So... I was really happy because my lashes are DROP DEAD GORGEOUS for my trip!! Thanks guys!!

The ones I picked are #43, #202, #217, #218, #523

#43 - I find this pair extremely wearable and very natural. 
It flatters the shape of my eyes entirely and I feel super confident with this design :)

#202 - This pair is rather dramatic. In fact, it's the most dramatic pair in my selection. 
I think personally, it's too dramatic for everyday make up looks. 
I think wearing this pair by itself is too much like a pair of worms on my eyes, 
so I cut these in half to add some flare to my eyes. It turned out really cute and flirty as half lashes! :)

Both #217 and #218 are very similar in style because both flares outwards at the ends and are natural :)
I think by now, it's clear which style I usually prefer. I like natural lashes with flares towards to outer corners of my eyes. I feel like it makes my eyes more friendly and sweet :)

#523 is very natural as well, but it does not flare at the ends. It's a perfect "C" curve in shape, 

Knot Free Flare Medium Black is something different because it's individual lashes. I use it when I have more time to do my lashes, but it's worth it for a super natural look :) 

Here are some pictures of me with the lashes:

This is my rainbow eye make up look with #217 and #218, got so many compliments from all around Miami and the Airport. 

Natural make up dinner look with #218

This is a even more subtle look I did for a Beauty Panel ( 
I used the Knot Free Flare Medium Black 


Overall, I love these Red Cherry Lashes. They are natural looking on my eyes and super light. The only thing I'm disappointed about is that they aren't very long lasting. I find that using my method of cleaning the lashes, made these lashes go straight flat. In terms of, like I mentioned before, their shipping time was incredible! I love receiving things on time! 

By the way, there's a contest right now for 10 pairs of Red Cherry Lashes, don't miss out! :)
For a Limited Time only, they ship for free! No Minimum required! 

I'm looking forward to buying other things now such as limited edition nail polishes and more! :)