My Minions Hunt in Toronto Canada

Hello Sparklies!!!

Recently I finally began my Minions Hunt in Toronto! Being in the air flying most of my days, I rarely have time to really go around to different locations to hunt for them!!

Just what am I talking about?!?! HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW!?
Every girl is posting this on their Facebook!! The Minions toys from McDonald's Happy Meals!!

This is Julie's (my friend) collection posted on Facebook. This is also Canada's edition!

Since July 2013, McDonald's from Canada, USA, Hong Kong, UK and so many more countries 
launched the new toys for the Happy Meals!! Each country varies a bit in terms of their selection for the toys. Some countries have up to 12 toys!!! See this link where they post the other countries selections! So wicked!! 

I've been asking some of my friends who are flying to different countries this month to see if they can help me hunt for them. *wish me luck*

Here's my hunting journey:

I traded in my once beloved Beanie Babies Happy Meals Toys for the below! 
My first job was at McDonald's so I used to eat WAYYY too many Happy Meals haha!

These were all from the Hwy 7 and Valleymade location.

I'm naming the locations because Vickie (friend) has told me that many locations in Scarborough are sold out!!

Went to trade in more!!! These are my second batch that I went to trade in.
The guy working there was like, "Wow, I've never seen these ones in my life!"
I'm like, "I'm a lot older than you think..." *evil smile*


Anyway, I took back the Ronald McDonald Beanie Baby cus I miss it last minute. 

These are the ones I got back:

These ones are from Promenade Mall Food Court McDonald's.

I've been trading nonstop....
 so this is what I currently have:

My extra ones are:
#2, 5, 8

Locations I've been going to are:
Yonge and Sixteenth
Yonge and Bernard
Major Mac and Bayview
Promenade Mall Food Court
Hwy 7 and Valleymade

Please let me know in your comments below which locations still has the ones I'm missing please! I would also love to know where you're collecting your Minions!! :)