GUEST POST: What Dermal Fillers Are And Why You Want To Know About Them

There are many ways to have cosmetic surgery without having to go under the knife. One of the ways is by using dermal fillers such as Juvéderm

By knowing what the process is and learning how it helps, you will be able to make a better choice if you’re thinking of having this procedure done. Read on to gain some useful knowledge about the process and the fillers that are available at Skin Vitality.

Dermal fillers are injected under the skin to smooth out wrinkles and creases that may have appeared over time. The procedure is generally done at a doctor’s office but on an outpatient basis. The first step is to test whether or not you’re allergic to the injectable fillers that being is used. Then, a number of injections are given to any areas that you wish to improve on. This treatment does not require any downtime and you can continue about your day after the treatment is complete. The only recommendation after having the procedure done is to stay out of the sun. The time saved on recovery as compared to older methods of cosmetic surgery is a selling point for many.

The injectable fillers work to do many different things. They can fill in wrinkles, deep creases, and fine lines, plump upthin and wrinkled lips, increase volume in your cheeks, and even help to contour areas of your face. The process works by simply filling in areas under the skin with the desired filler. There are dermal fillers that are synthetic and natural. There is a higher chance that you may have an allergic reaction to synthetic fillers as compared to a natural one. Dermal fillers will also have the characteristics of either being absorbable or not. Absorbable fillers are generally not permanent and the process has to be done again in a few years to regain the effects. Non-absorbable fillers will generally have more permanent results. It is important to know which is being used in the process so you know what results to expect.

Going in to a procedure like this, you should know about what is going on. Make sure to talk to your doctor about any allergies you may have, ask what kind of filler is going to be used, and how long the process should take. By knowing whether the injectable filler is natural or synthetic you can save yourself from a bad reaction. By knowing if they are absorbable or non-absorbable, you should be able to tell how long the effects should last. Gain as much knowledge before you have the procedure done and so you can enjoy the new you after it’s over.

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