eBay Canada is launching MyMix and a $100 Giveaway for YOU!!

I've been having a blogging problem lately ever since I got my new job as a Flight Attendant! Every time I begin sitting my butt down to blog something, I resort to online scooping or shopping (not sure which is worse)! Hence, barely any posts. SORRY!!!!! *feeling super guilty*

Maybe it's because I'm constantly working in the metal tube (aka the aircraft), I feel like I've been away from the life on the ground and I need human interactions before I can talk and type my feelings on my blog.  Does that make any sense at all!? 

Long story short, aside from seeing my friends and family, I'm in a desperate need for retail therapy.  Being budget conscious makes it that much harder to shop because I have no time to go from stores to stores to check what's the better deal.  This is where eBay MyMix helps me haha.... it's quite evil actually because now I get constant updates in My Feed (in eBay terms: "discoveries") on what's newly posted after I made my searches. Before, it used to be just "watching" items and I might by accident neglect what else is out there.  I even set alarms on my phone so I don't miss out anything.. not kidding you when I said I'm OBSESSED!!!

Let me show you what's on my eBay MyMix now, let me know whether I might have inspired you for your must-have summer items!!!!!

I've been eyeing for another watch since I need one for work. Hence the Michael Kors Rose Gold watches, gold just never looks good on me and silver is boring (always had silver watches my entire life). Now that everyone has one, weird mentality that I need to have one too! haha! ♥♥ Very obsessed with the colour cobalt blue lately, really want a purse in that colour! I feel like it can make any outfit looks edgy! :) ♥♥ Any colour of the Chanel Boy Bag please!!! okay, except the velvet. ♥♥ It's never too early to start planning my Halloween costume (it's my birthday after all). ♥♥ E6000 glue for all my deco-den and crafty pleasures! ♥♥ Ever since I got the Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac in Hot Pink, I want to try another colour!! They are just the perfect size! :) ♥♥ iPad Mini so it would make it easier for me to blog and stay connected when I'm flying! :) ♥♥ funky accessories never break the bank when I find them on eBay mwahaha! ♥♥ Hair donut! They are like $1-2 on eBay but like $5-6 in stores. Done deal! ♥♥ 

Did I inspire you for your eBay MyMix?!?!
If I did, please let me know because you can win a $100 eBay certificate to SHOP!!!! 

Giveaway Details:
1) Please follow my blog via Bloglovin or Twitter or Facebook Page
2) Leave a comment below listing out some of your items for your eBay MyMix and where you follow me :)
3) If you wanna go all out, feel free to post a picture of your MyMix and tag me on Instagram or Facebook! I am desperate to see what you got!!! WOOOHOO!! <3 p="">

Winners will be hand picked because I really wanna see some awesome MyMix ♥ 
Will be announcing on Twitter and Facebook Page on July 11th 2013!!!!! ♥