#SparklyMontreal 2013: Visiting Marie/Fred from Shmuberry.com!


As most of you know, I lived out of Montreal for 2 months for work. 
Out of the crazy weeks of work, I managed to go visit Fred/Marie from Shmuberry.com for breakfast! 

My goodness, I never thought she would make this much stuff! 
They look as good as they taste, she purposely made me some amazing food since I was having some terrible food experiences at the hotel. I also had to do much of my groceries living here and I just don't have the time and energy when I get off work. (I've been a huge slack when it comes to cooking)

It was soooo good! I even took some back to the hotel for the next day :)
*love it when my friends cook for me*

Fred gave me a mini tour of her house, I only took a few pictures because she will probably do a more in depth on of her house and room on her blog! 

Fred's mom is very crafty and they decorated this wall with all their wine bottle labels! 
Super unique!!

If anyone ate with me before, they would know that I LOVE spicy food.
I also really like Tobasco.. heheh cus it makes everything taste better *imo
Her mom decorated their kitchen with a Tobasco Wall Edge Wallpaper and their ceiling is also decorated with some red peppers. I LOVE THIS!!

I need to find this wall paper when I get my kitchen! 

To be honest, I was scared and nervous and excited altogether. I barely knew my way around Montreal and it was my first time meeting Marie/Fred in her own home! I read her blog for 1 year and a bit and also talked on facebook and stuff. I'm so excited to FINALLY MEET HER! I met really great friends from blogging and I knew Fred won't be the exception!!!

We chatted about lots of stuff, she is sooo pretty real life. BETTER than her photos and she barely had any make up on! She's tall and my gosh, who knew pretty people can also be so NICE!! 

I hope to see you soon Fred!!!! love you love you love youuuuuu