Persona Tea Party at The Windsor Arms Hotel

Hi Sparklies!

The week before I left for my work trip in Montreal (April 16) , I was invited to join a tea party!! I always love these! It was hosted by Persona Jewellery! They were launching their Spring/Summer Collection. It's been a little while since the event so you can easily find their collection now in stores! You can find them on their online website as well! 

They launched 3 collections for Spring/Summer 2013! 
Here they are:

The Paradise Collection features the essence of spring with birds, butterflies and flowers. My favourite charms were  ENCHANTED ESCAPE, FLORAL FANTASY and BOTANICAL BLISS because they feature 3D flowers!!!! They are soo cool! I have more close up pictures of them below.

This is the Vitral Collection, to me, it feels more like a bohemian style. What do you think?

Another super cute collection, the Retro Collection! Super super cute, it features the 60s - 70s groovy! Think Austin Powers! hahah My favourite charms from this collection were Roller Girl, which is a pair of roller skates and Convertible Cool, which is a pink car! SOO CUTE!! I love it! 

Other than choosing your charms by collection, you can mix and match by colours.
Can you imagine my reaction when I saw the cup of Pink BLING BLING Charms?! I went crazy inside (I had to keep my cool eyes sold me out) haha! 

We got to make our own bracelet at the Bracelet Station:

We get to chose one of each category. Starting with a Double Wrap Nappa Leather bracelet then just picked my charms. I think the hardest was picking the 3D charms below. 

THIS WAS SO TOUGH! I love all of them!! 

What do you think of the collection?! 
I'm going to post my review of my bracelet when I get back to Toronto. 
I'm still pretty new to the brand so I want to take my time to see how my bracelet is holding up first :)

Thanks so much for reading! I hope I can post more soon when I return from my work trip!