Are You A Smelly Lady?

"Don't sweat it, HANDLE IT!" literally the phrase I need to recite to myself every day when I'm at work here in Montreal! It's really tough and it can get worse if people around me (or myself) starts to have BO (Body Odour). I remember one day when I took the bus to get to work, the driver had so much BO, it literally flew at me every time he gases the car after a stop sign or light. 


Lady Speed Stick sent me these to try out. To be really honest, I already use their Fresh Infusion - Strawberry Splash and I'm a huge fan. With these new babies, I tried to see if it can live up to its claim.

I wore them from morning to night (I work till like 9 pm here) and honestly, you will be surprised at how people smell throughout the day (and they are ladies too)! I'm so glad these are as long lasting as I expected! :) 

It's also invisible, so when I went out with my friends, I didn't need to worry that I have white spots on my armpits :) 

The Lady Speed Stick Power Collection has 4 fragrances:
Cool Breeze
Powder Burst
Satin Pear
Fresh Fusion Gel

Those marked with star (*) are included in this review.

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The Gift Basket includes:
Lady Speed Stick Fresh Infusion Fruity Melon 45g
Lady Speed Stick Stainguard Daringly Fresh 65g
Lady Speed Stick Power Cool Breeze 45g
Men Speed Stick Power Fresh 14g
Men Speed Stick Irish Spring Original Deo 92g

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The Power Fresh Fusion Gel is my favourite at this time because it comes out like gel!
My first time using it, I applied too much and it was too sticky, so make sure you don't twist the bottom dial too much or else too much product will come out!
Considering how much I actually use each day, I think one of these "stick" will last me well over 2 months! Super worth it for such a low price! I feel like this is a secret weapon!

A little goes a long way and I love that no matter what, it's going to be invisible! :)
I feel fresh and know that I smell good all day :)

The other 3 flavours all has a solid stick like the below:

Just before you go, check out this commercial. 
The first time I saw it, I LOL-ed so hard!! I can totally see myself doing this:

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