Update: Moving, Car Crash, Cruise, Miami, Montreal, Girlfriends!

Hi Sparklies  

Just wanted to fill you all in on some good news! Flash back in my past posts (here, here and here)  I was definitely going through some tough times. I'm glad things are slowly looking up for me and I pray that it will continue to go up from here. In February, I finally got my temporary contract for my 2nd dream job! *YAY to new beginnings* It's conditional so I still have many stages to pass until I secure the position. I don't want to elaborate too much publicly because I don't want my blog to jeopardize this opportunity. I hold it dearly to my heart!

So here I share my interview face haha! I wonder if that gives away what I interviewed for.

Back to the story.. part of those "stages" includes moving to Montreal for a little while. I will be away from my beloved playground (my room) and my mini *ghetto* photo studio. That's why I've been super busy trying to secure some giveaways for you guys and also write up some post dated posts so my internet home (my blog) won't be so empty while I'm gone.

Please keep me in your prayers that I will be able to focus, have wisdom and strength and meet some wonderful people :)

Car Crash & G License (March)

So while I was in good spirits and everything, my parents began to push me to go for my G license (full driving license in Ontario - where I live). I'm a chicken when it comes to driving. In here, you're allowed to begin your driving test at the age of 16. The average person passes everything and gets their full license at 18-19 (like my bf). 

I went for my written at 16 then waited until I was 18 to get my G2. I failed 4-5 times, honestly, I wasn't THAT bad. I had really bad luck though (ok and I lacked experience too)!  For example: I had two examiners during my test? I ran a yellow light (auto fail). I went into the wrong lane (those construction thingies only popped up during my test and they were gone by the time I came back!) 

So I got my G2 when I was 20. The rule is that you have 5 years to get your full license or else you have to start form the beginning - this means I have 1 year to get my G license. I'm thinking this is impossible considering I failed like 5 times get just pass my G2!  By the way, there's a one-year waiting time between each test! So a year goes by, my driving instructor retired, deadline is coming up - I was screwed. Somehow the Ministry of Transportation had a strike at the same time, I don't know how but I got my G2 renewed and they counted my 5 years fresh at G2 LOL! So I was allowed 10 years to get my full G license.... Life's good!

So then I waited and slacked and shrugged it off when I got pushed until I got this new job offer that won't start until April so you know how Asian parents does it. They push you till you get REALLY FREAKING annoyed and you just do it. Got referred to a really crappy driving instructor named Alex (if you have an instructor with the same name, feel free to message me to see if it's the same guy). HE WAS A NIGHTMARE. He doesn't count his time and money properly. He booked my test date and then when the date is coming near, he doesn't show up - complete MIA - then texted me to ask when my test was. UNBELIEVABLE. Anyway, thanks to Emily, I found another driving instructor named Janet. She was super $$ in my eyes but she seems very confident that I'll pass. 

So that morning for my G test, I woke up super early and I got someone from home to give me a lift to meet with my instructor. I was stressed out of my mind because I know if I'm gonna fail this test, it's gonna cost me so much money! *sigh. I'd much rather spend a couple hundred on a purse than a stupid driving test!! Argh!! Anyway just when our car was on the way we got into a car crash!

It was on my side too! It was horrific! I've been in 3 car accidents my whole life and this was probably the scariest! All these weird thoughts comes in!  I called my bf to help out and everything. Once things settled, I went to meet with my driving instructor. The entire time, I kept myself super composed but really I know, I'm totally not myself. I had to try really really really hard to focus and so on!

My stress level was seriously at its peak! It was time for my G test and I really really need to pass. Not only for the money but because I need to bring good news home. I feel so much burden on my shoulders suddenly! Also, because I left the latter things for my bf to handle and help out, I have no idea what's happening. I called a few friends to help too, thank you guys so much darlings!! 

My examiner is this huge guy with an accent. When he sat down, the whole car weighed down. He totally ignored me when I asked "How are you?" and he was very loud when he talks. He just scares me!! Right when I started, I almost missed the yellow light and braked so hard, the perfume thing at the wind shield area FLEW into the glass. It splattered everywhere. The examiner coughed because the seat belt choked him. I thought to myself.. I'm SO GUNNA FAIL!! I just kept praying and just did my best no matter what anyway.  On the 3-point turn, I was told we're not supposed to hit curb. I couldn't see so I think I was running into a curb but it was just snow. 

"Sorry sir, I'm sorry sir" 

On a left turn, I hesistated because a car is coming..
"Sorry sir" *looks once more and floored the gas petal*

Honestly, I thought I was gunna fail, then when we got back. He said "Congratulations" and smiled.
Best. Thing. All. Day.

I finally stepped out of the car, my instructor ran to hug me and she said my whole body was shaking. My voice was trembling. It kinda shows how much I was suppressing inside myself all this time since the car crash. 

So that's how I got my full license after 8 years lol.........


In light of the crappy car crash and because of my conditional offer, I went on a trip with my family and boyfriend! 

Formal Night on the Carnival Victory

More pictures will come because I want to separately blog about it!


Emily, Rica and I met up to shop, eat, yak and just spend time together! It was so much fun shopping with them! My feet were so sore after and we were all wearing flats of some sort! Too bad Michele couldn't join us but I'm sure we'll plan another one of these soon! We always say this because we're quite in disbelief sometimes how we met from blogging and we turned into such great friends. 

Here's the post of one of our first meet ups: BAM

For the past week or so, I've been making an effort to see as many people as possible but it's so hard with everyone's work schedule etc! Time is just super tight! I'm trying to mail all the giveaways out, post as much as I can, pack my bags and prep the paperwork I need to get done! AHHH!!

I'll be back in 2 months though! I'll miss my blog so much! 
Anyway, I better continue editing, writing my blog posts and blah blah.......

I miss you so much! As always, thank you so much for reading!!!