Softsoap 2013 Giveaway Winner

Hi Sparklies!!

Thank you for ALL OF YOUR Entries for the Softsoap 2013 Giveaway! I'm hearing wonderful feedback in your comments as well as knowing your favourite scents! In this post, not only am I going to announce the giveaway winner, I'm also going to share a bit of the behind-the-scenes photos with you :)

Working on my 3rd look that night when I was photo shooting for upcoming posts that week!
I wore the blonde curly wig :)

Since I wanted to have the vintage feel to it, I reworked the wig and styled it to make it into a hair do :)
Pretty happy with the results, but the back is totally not presentable. hahahahah

Time to set up for the final look - the one in the shower :)
I used the bathroom in the basement so it's super cold!!! 
Worse: when the water from the loofah was dripping on me the entire time! Freezing! :(

Like my Hello Kitty shower cap? I was wearing a top la, of course no nakedness!!! :)

Yay!! Finally all done!

and the Winner is:


Congrats!! YAY!!!

Thank you everyone for participating! I currently have a few more giveaways!
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#2: Shu Uemura $100 worth of goodies!